Introducing our new SPF Saviour!

When one of our favourite British brands brought out this amazing plastic free, reef safe, vegan SPF we decided it deserved a blog! This sunscreen is quite special and ground breaking. If you have tried many reef safe sunscreens you will know that some of them can sit really heavy on your skin leaving a white film. This one is very different, no white film at all, it rubs in really well and it smells so incredible! And all this while also being deeply nourishing.

So it gives me great pleasure to introduce Krista one of the Scene founders, to introduce the newest product to their collection…

With Love from the Cornish Coast

We live and work in Cornwall so developing a natural sunscreen was an obvious addition to our to-do list and we have spent two years carefully researching, testing and perfecting our amazing new mineral sunscreen. It has been a long process as we wanted to make sure that as with all our products the final version met our stringent criteria. Effectiveness, cruelty free, vegan, plastic-free, environmentally friendly and safe for all the family.

We had so many versions and effectiveness ranging from factor 15 upwards and we tested each and every variation both with control groups and personally to ensure our end product was good to apply and fully safe. Living in Cornwall means we have great respect for staying sun-safe and also means we have lots of willing volunteers that work and play beachside (and in the water) all summer and our testers included surfers, lifesavers and sun worshippers.

We got lots of feedback and we listened carefully and we are so grateful to all those that helped us on the journey to get it right.

Zinc oxide is known to be one of the safest and most effective sunscreens available but it has to be handled carefully during formulation to avoid slumping and clumping throughout the product which can lead to inconsistent protection. Our unique zinc suspension formulation means that we can offer a truly reliable natural screen for all the family and even the most sensitive skin. Right down to the bottom of the plastic-free tube!

We achieved an SPF30 formula which is a broad spectrum screen that also offers the all important UVA protection to keep you safe from harmful exposure.

Some other feel good factors…

😎 Reef safe and non-nano – our non toxic UV filter formulation protects marine life

🐠 Instantly effective – unlike chemical sunscreens our natural formula is effective as soon as it is applied

😎 Transparent formulation – means no white residue and has a soft, silky and easy to spread application.

🐠 Environmentally friendly – Scence products are always environmentally friendly and presented in our unique 100% paper compostable packaging.

😎 Smells heavenly – organic edible fruit flavour oils combine to make that irresistible summer holiday aroma

🐠 Made from just eight natural ingredients: Mango butter, organic coconut oil, zinc oxide, cococaprylate/caprate (moisturiser derived from coconut oil), polyglyceryl-3 polyricinoleate (natural emulsifier), isostearic acid (natural emulsifier), sunflower wax, organic fruit flavour oils.

80g net weight RRP £21

Suitable for all the family and all skin types including sensitive.

Goes on general sale in May 2022 but available now on Greener Beauty.

Click this link to see the New Scence Sunscreen


Pin it Introducing our new SPF Saviour!
Pin it Introducing our new SPF Saviour!
Pin it Introducing our new SPF Saviour!

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