Sexual Health

Sexual Health

Shop for all your Sexual Health needs from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, cruelty free, only ethical brands and natural products. We check the labels so you don’t have to!

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Fair Squared Lube and Massage Gel

£13.95 £11.86
Fair Squared Lube and Massage Gel is a natural, water-soluble body care product suitable for massages and as a lubricant. The pleasant and gentle vegan formula with Fairtrade green tea helps to relieve physical tension and to regenerate the skin. Green tea has been known in Chinese medicine for centuries for its rejuvenating and healing effects. Can be used as a massage gel and as a lubricant. Condom compatible. Does not affect the vagina’s pH balance.

Fair Squared Max Perform Condoms

£9.95 £8.46
Fair Squared Max Perform Vegan Condoms with an integrated potency ring (cock ring) giving a tighter fit for a pleasurable experience and prevent the condom from accidentally slipping off. The vegan condoms are transparent, lubricated, cylindrically shaped with a reservoir and made from fair trade natural latex rubber. The size of the fair squared max perform vegan condom is: width: 52mm, length: 160mm, wall thickness: 0.07mm.

Fair Squared Original Condoms

£9.95 £8.46
The Fair Squared Original Condoms are made with Fair Trade natural latex for essential protection and are cylindrically modelled with a nominal width of 52mm. These Original Condoms are transparent, lubricated and can be used with water based lubricants.

Fair Squared Sensitive Condoms

£9.95 £8.46
The Fair Squared Sensitive Condoms tick all the boxes when it comes to equality and using the earths natural resources for ultimate protection. Unlike the Original and Ultrathin Condoms by Fair Squared the Sensitive are not lubricated therefore perfect for those with sensitivities.

Fair Squared Ultra Thin Condoms

£9.95 £8.46
You can use natural products in all aspects of your life including your intimate one with Fair Squared Ultrathin Condoms for a natural feeling giving increased sensation. Made with fair traded natural latex and natural lubricant the Fair Squared Ultrathin Condoms are a high quality product which have been rigorously tested to the highest international standards and certified vegan by Vegan Society.

Fair Squared XL Condoms

£9.95 £8.46
Fair Squared Condoms XL 60 gives a comfortable fit for a natural pleasurable feeling. Fair squared condoms are of a superior quality made from Fair Trade Natural Latex Rubber without caesin and therefore is suitable for vegans. The extra large condom is transparent and is in a cylindrical shape with a teat reservoir. The extra large size is: width: 60mm, length: min 205mm, thickness: 0.07mm.