With the recent global events I wanted to make it perfectly clear where Greener Beauty stands when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

As a vegan business, everything I and the rest of the team do is led with compassion for all.

I recognise as a business owner that what each unique individual brings to the table makes Greener Beauty special. And the more diverse we are as a team the best we can be for all our customers.

I am committed to grow the business with the best people for the job offering an inclusive workplace with a fair salary for all.

What makes us different makes us beautiful and this IS celebrated here at Greener Beauty.

Much love!

Vic x





For every Greener Beauty customer order we plant one tree. This is part of our ongoing effort to lower our carbon footprint and build a better world. We work with an American Charity called Eden Reforestation who plant trees globally where they are most needed. They hire, train and employ local people at a fair wage who then plant trees native to their land and protect the seedlings and eventually the forests. As a result of their careful nurturing they have an 80% seedling survival rate. This gives the local people a consistent income enabling them to provide for their families, and as the reforestation effort goes on, healthy forests emerge and the negative effects of deforestation disappear. Since Eden Reforestation began over 250 million trees have been planted around the world in Ethiopia, Madagascar, Nepal, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique. To further negate the carbon footprint of Greener Beauty HQ we also plant 15 trees a month per member of staff. Always ethical. Always vegan. Always Greener Beauty.

Team Greener Beauty x