How Mascara Wands can be used with Wildlife

When it comes to reducing plastic one of the questions we are most frequently asked is about mascaras. While we are yet to find a totally plastic free mascara that lives up to our expectations we thought we would share how you can reuse your mascara wands and how Mascara Wands can be used with Wildlife.

Donate them to a wildlife hospital or animal sanctuary

Those mascara wands that are perfect for making you look fabulous with your long lashes are also really good for wildlife, specifically babies.

These small brushes are perfect for brushing the fur and feathers of our small friends. They work not only to keep their fur and feathers looking fabulous and well groomed but they also work to remove any fleas, lava and fly eggs.

For hygiene reasons your mascara should be changed every 3 months so if its time you got a new one this could be the ultimate wildlife friendly upcycle.

If you are thinking of donating your mascara wands make sure that you remove them from the tube (the tube cant be donated) and give the wand a really good clean.

Once clean contact local animal rescues, hospitals and sanctuaries to see if they are accepting wands. We have found lots of charities online that have done a callout for wands and then been flooded with hundreds of them, so the best thing is to contact them first rather than just post them.

Other ways to reuse them

Alternatively we have come up with a few other ways you can reuse these wands yourself after they have had a good clean.

Use a wand to separate your eyelashes before applying mascara. This will help stop any clumping which no one wants!

Use a wand to tidy unruly eye brows before applying a brow gel, pencil or shadow.

Clean the mascara tube and wand well and then fill with your favourite perfume and pop in your handbag for use on the go.

Use a wand with a lip scrub to get kissable smooth lips.

Pop a clean wand in your with your nail care, these brushes can be used to clean under your nails when you are giving yourself your next manicure at home.

Finally pop one in with your household cleaning products for those hard to reach areas.



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