When we started Greener Beauty the plan was always to minimise our impact on the planet. One of the ways we decided to do this was through planting trees. We started planting trees back in October 2019.

Now we:

  •  Plant a tree for every single order placed online.
  •  We plant 15 trees per month for each employee of Greener Beauty which negates the carbon footprint of each member of staff.
  •  And finally we plant 50 trees per month to negate the carbon footprint of the actual website and the server it is running on.

We are working hard to ensure that the only impact Greener Beauty has on the planet is a positive one.


We have planted the following number of Trees as of 31st May 2023:


A Greener Beauty forest is literally growing as we speak!


We plant trees through an amazing charity called Eden Reforestation. They plant trees globally wherever they are most needed while employing local people a fair wage to not just plant the trees but to protect them and nurture them so they grow. So not only are Eden Reforestation helping to grow huge numbers of trees but also increase living conditions for local people. So far they have planted over 700 million trees! How amazing is that!

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Or on the Eden Reforestation Projects website here