We have a guest blog this week. Featuring my personal hairdresser, Oliver Blackaby who runs the Hair Salon in Hove. He shares his top tips for keeping your hair colour fresh after you leave the hair dressers!



My name is Oliver and I have a salon in Hove. I have been working in the hair industry for over 22 years, and have chosen to work more ethically with the brand I use in salon, but also the environmental impact the hair industry has. So I am so happy to be apart of the Greener Beauty family, and I hope you like my blog on my advice on the world of Hair!

As a busy stylist, I see all types of hair, and have all types of colour customers. I have my 4-6 week rebooks and I have people I see every 3 months.

Colour is so varied and has different up keep depending on the colour and tone you choose to have.

For me the consultation is crucial to delivering a colour that any of my guests can maintain after the salon visit. As there is no point in spending all that time and money if the aftercare isn’t there.



Probably the easiest to maintain, dark hair reflect a the light and unless you naturally blonde, or have a lot of grey hair, you don’t have to colour so often! Depending on what reflect you want, whether it’s a cool brown or warm brown these can be boosted by a brunette shampoo. If you want to neutralise warm tone, a dark blue shampoo will definitely help keep it from throwing too much warmth. If you want to enhance warmth, a chestnut shampoo or conditioner will help immensely!


When you lighten hair, you are actively removing pigment from the hair, and depending on your natural tone, you will be revealing the natural undercoat. It’s rear to be able to lift hair and rely on what the undercoat is, so a colour wash or toner is placed on top to either neutralise the undercoat or add the desired tone to the lightened hair.

Blonde hair that has been lightened is far more susceptible to picking up pollutants and free radicals in the atmosphere, so a tinted shampoo is perfect in helping neutralising this. Another factor is blonde hair absorbs the light and can look dull, so closing down the cuticle will help reflect shine, so an anti oxidant spray is ideal to help do this! Try this as an anti oxidant!

Recommended product


Anything on the red/copper spectrum is a high maintenance, and needs true commitment! These are my favourites to do, As the results are so rewarding, and your guest has to have the right skin tone and personality to carry this off! Which usually mean that I get to see them very often to make sure the colour is kept at its best!

A copper or red head will also need to be prepared to have pillow cases that will end up having the colour leak out onto the pillow case too! These tones are tricky to maintain, as your pushing pigment into the hair. As the colour oxidise during the salon process, the cuticle is opened, the colour molecule deposited, and then the cuticle closed. This is great when the hair is healthy and strong, but when the hair is damaged or weak, the colour molecule will easily come out, hence why the pillowcase will end up with colour on it! What needs to happen is the Cuticle needs to be closed down and lock the colour in.

Shampoo & conditioner for coloured hair is vital, and if you can find one with antioxidants in this will help close down those circles and even out the hair porosity. Try these shampoo and conditioners

Recommended Shampoo

Recommended Conditioner


Probably the most fun to do but can cost a lot, plus, the hardest to maintain, especially when you have a pink blended into a blue or grey. All these looks will have to be pre lightened first, which means bleaching the hair to remove as much of the natural colour pigment, as well as existing tones from previous hair colour.  At the same time, keeping the strength and integrity of the hair.

Proteins is so important as this is what your hair is made of. So replacing to protein that would have been lost while lightening, will help keep the colour in place too.

Anything that has a pastel tone will fade really quickly. These tones are weak, and even a day in the sun can dramatically affect the colour fade. So an UV protection spray is so important! Better still a hat! There are plenty of tinted shampoos and conditioners that will help support you pastel tone, but this will require serous dedication from you to keep up the home care which will enable the colour to look great, and last longer!

To help keep the  protein in try this Recommended product 


If you want to visit our Hair Salon in Hove, and speak to me or one of the freelancers at The hair salon, please visit our website or our Instagram page to book a complimentary consultation and speak to our highly qualified team about your hair, and what the best outcome for your hair.

We look forward to have you come and see us in our chilled and relaxed space, surrounded by plants.





Pin it How to Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh
Pin it How to Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh
Pin it How to Keep Your Hair Colour Fresh

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