How to travel light without sacrificing your make up bag!

I recently went on a weekend trip to Dublin. We only had cabin luggage and were going ‘out out’, so I had to fit my full makeup bag and skincare regime into one of those tiny little plastic bags.

On previous airport visits I have literally got the fear as I walked to security to have my liquids scrutinised! I have been through many times and thought that a certain product wouldn’t count as a liquid which then did and resulted in me having to give up some of my precious toiletries or cosmetics. Honestly, it causes me to feel anxious just thinking about it!

This time I wanted to make sure that I could get everything through security with NO mistakes. And I did! So I thought I would share with you how I managed to achieve it and what I took.


When deciding what to take I decided to work backwards; my makeup for going out was the most important thing so this was the first thing I worked on. I started by getting all the makeup out that I wanted to take with me, some of it was easy; eye pencils, eyeshadows, eyebrow powder, loose powder, bronzing powder and translucent powder so these could go straight into my makeup bag with absolutely no issues. Phew!

Out of my makeup this left my foundation (definitely not leaving this!), face primer, mascaras, liquid eyeliner and lip gloss. All pretty important items for a night out!

I had one of the nightmare causing airport security plastic bags from a previous trip so I popped these items of makeup straight into the bag of course checking that they were all under 100ml in size. Next, I wanted to add perfume; Eden make multiple sizes of their perfumes, so I took one of my smaller 30ml bottles and popped into the bag.

This is now where in the past I would have started to panic; the bag is nearly full yet I haven’t put in any skincare or dental!


This time I had thought about how to get round this! I popped my Georganics Toothsoap straight into my wash bag – as a solid soap it wouldn’t count as a liquid. Same with the body cream I use – the Scene body balm, I popped this straight in my washbag. For trips like this I love the option of using a solid bar! I took a couple of the Georganics mouthwash tablets and popped them into a container and straight into my wash bag!

I popped my Urtekram liquid deodorant in the plastic bag as it is only 50ml, feeling like I am finally winning. A few sample sachets of shower gel (I hate using hotel products as they are often so toxic).


Next, I had my cleanser, night oil and day cream to get through, these were all quite large containers so I couldn’t fit them in. So, I decanted what I needed for my trip into small 5ml aluminium tins (available through us here). I didn’t need much cleanser so just a few squirts of that and popped my ditsy cloth into my wash bag.


I was so close to being able to close the plastic bag, why are they so strict about being able to seal these bloody bags!!! So I removed my makeup primer and squeezed some into a 5ml pot.

And that was just enough! I was able to seal the bag with my full range of makeup and skincare with no sacrifices!

No Panic at the airport, everything safely in that little bag and I was on my way!!



As a slight change in subject I was also totally blown away by the Vegan food while in Dublin so I wanted to share with you my findings with you! I do feel blessed living in Brighton as I thought the vegan scene down here was pretty good but honestly Dublin has put Brighton to shame! We ate at a few amazing places that I will share below.


We decided to go here as we found a list showing that it was one of the 50 best vegan restaurants in the world. It did not disappoint. I had the courgette cannelloni to start which was gazpacho and had a cashew cream cheese filling, it was so tasty. For my main I had a seitan wellington which was incredible, I don’t know how they did it but the seitan was dark on the outside but like a dark red colour when cut into. I haven’t eaten meat for a very long time but it did remind me of the look of a beef wellington.

Find them here


We went to this café for a late lunch and shared avocado on toast with a vegan egg (made from tofu – this was crazy good!) and a waffle stack with chicken, maple syrup and strawberries. The ‘chicken’ was made from tofu too, they did tell me how to do it so I will give it a go and report back! It was honestly one of the best vegan chickens I have ever tried.

Find them here


I had a seitain burger with tofu bacon. Honestly the burger was ridiculous, it was so big! I couldn’t even finish it and that was without touching the bun. It was so tasty though, seasoned beautifully.

Find them here


One of the most exciting things we saw is that at Dublin airport there is a vegan café run by the Happy Pear. This is the first vegan café in an airport in the world! Things like this make me strongly believe that times really are changing, it wasn’t that long ago at an airport you would be stuck with some snacks from whsmiths! The options were varied too, from burgers to salad boxes! We ended up going for a salad box and honestly it was so large that I ended up eating it for 2.5 meals!!! So delicious too!

Find them here

Dublin was a very expensive city to visit but the vegan scene over there is worth the trip along.

Do you have any places that you have visited over there that you would recommend?


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