Green Beauty Round Up September 2020

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Products in the Spotlight!



Who doesn’t have a makeup palette where we have used all our favourite colours up and are left with shades we have hardly even touched? I know how frustrating this is!
Well you don’t need to have this anymore!
With the Benecos IT Pieces you buy a palette and add whatever combination of products and shades you would like. Some combinations are:
  •  1 compact powder, 1 blush, 2 eye shadows
  •  1 bronzer, 1 highlighter, 4 eye shadows
  •  1 compact powder, 1 blush, 1 contouring powder
  •  8 eye shadows
The actual powders are provided in a metal tray for putting in the palette and are dispatched in a cardboard wrapper, so totally plastic free.

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It’s definitely feeling cooler this week which is making me think of hot baths and bath bombs.
Have you tried this Unicorn Bath bomb yet? It takes about 15 minutes to fully dissolve, creating a rainbow in the bath as it dissolves. It’s like watching a master piece being created.
It looks beautiful and it also smells incredible. It has an absolutely gorgeous fragrance of Japanese Cherry Blossom. A floral, green yet sweet fragrance, like the scent of the cherry blossoms in the spring.
Such good value for £2.99.
Definitely one for both the little and big kids!

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Are you desperately trying to avoid plastic containers but cant find a hair conditioner that is nourishing and giving you gorgeous shiny hair?
Bain & Savon have this range of conditioners in aluminium bottles with an optional plastic pump. Available for four different hair types, whether your dry hair needs some hydration or your oily hair needs drying out there is an option for you.

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The Purely Ageless range will be your best friend if you want to fight premature ageing as well as helping to reduce fine lines while you sleep. This is due to the magic ingredient, Pure Ribose which is found across the range. If you don’t know what Ribose is, it’s a super sugar obtained from corn seed.
For the ultimate 5 step routine, shown in studies to reduce the appearance of wrinkles by up to 78% in just 14 days, use the range as follows:
In the morning:
1. Use the Sukin Purely Ageless Intensive Firming Serum on the face and neck areas.
2. Apply the Sukin Purely Ageless Reviving Eye Cream to the sensitive area around the eyes (don’t go too close to your eyelids).
3. Lock in the above by layering with the Sukin Purely Ageless Rejuvenating Day Cream, and bam! You’re ready to start your day
At night:
4. Massage 2 drops of the Sukin Purely Ageless Hydration Elixir into clean skin for a hydration boost! This product is an oil so it can also be applied by mixing into any of our cream based products.
5. Feed your skin overnight with the Sukin Purely Ageless Restorative Night Cream.

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This range of deodorants is incredibly effective no matter your skin type and need AND it is plastic free!
They have 3 types of deodorants:

Clean Deodorant Balm- Formulated for daily use on all skin types

The Clean Deodorant Balm is bound to become your ‘go-to’ deodorant. A light, creamy balm that absorbs instantly and provides all-day odour protection using antibacterial magnesium and sodium bicarbonate. With a Coconut oil and shea butter base it hydrates and moisturises while keeping odour at bay.
Suitable for daily use on all skin types.

Gentle Deodorant Balm – Formulated for sensitive skin

Ultra-gentle, buttery soft and amazingly effective. This gentle deodorant cream uses the antibacterial power of magnesium oxide and white clay to ensure even the most sensitive skin stays fresh and dry.
If you are sensitive to bicarbonate of soda, this is the deodorant for you as it is free of this ingredient.
Suitable for daily use on all skin types including sensitive.

Active Deodorant Balm – For the most demanding days

Formulated for occasional use when you need it the most. A super light, fast-absorbing formula means you can apply-and-go. Sodium Bicarbonate, magnesium and clay leave a light powder finish and provide 24 hour odour protection.
Best for occasional use, and not suitable for post-shave application. Also not suitable for sensitive skin.
I frequently use the gentle range in my cycle of deodorants (I use 3 that I rotate) as I have a sensitivity to bicarb so this is perfect for me!

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New Products!


We now have a gorgeous soap rack and travel tin from the Friendly Soap Company.
Perfect for making your soap last as long as possible (by keeping it from sitting in a pool of water) and keeping you clean on the go!

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Alba Botanica is quickly becoming one of our best selling ranges. So we decided to get some of their skincare in!
We now have in stock this range of anti-pollution products that are made using real Hawaiian volcanic clay. Personally I am loving the warming cleanser.
This hypo-allergenic and PH Balanced trio of products is perfect to give your skin a really deep cleanse after a day on the go, clearing the skin of any everyday pollutants and impurities.
To browse the full range from Alba Botanica including the Volcanic

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Are you looking to get some essential oils but are feeling overwhelmed by how many options there are? Maybe you saw our blog for creating home cleaning products and want to give it a go but don’t know which oils to get?
Then this new product just in is for you! A selection of the 3 best selling Tisserand Essential Oils in one set.


The refreshing and floral lavender fragrance that helps to soothe the skin and calm the mind. Perfect for massage or bath blends.

Tea Tree

The ultimate fresh and herbal fragrance, helps to deep cleanse and purify the skin. Perfect in skin care preparations. Naturally antibacterial.


Stimulating and powerful, helps to clear the head. Perfect to use in an Aroma Spa Diffuser.
All really good options for blending into your home made cleaning products. Or alternatively in the product listing there are blends for diffusers, massage oils and bath oil blends.

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A while back I spoke to my favourite tattooist Cheryl at Inky Swallows

I wanted to find a really good, professional quality, yet of course clean, cruelty free and vegan, tattoo aftercare cream. We had tested quite a few and they just weren’t up to scratch. Cheryl recommended that we try this one from Coconut King which is what she recommends to all her clients.

As soon as we tested this aftercare balm we loved it. Not only is it plastic free and budget friendly, it gave us really fantastic results.
This balm is the creation of Shaun who struggled with high street products for many years because of his oily skin. This led to researching natural home made products and developing his own personal skincare routine. After having his first tattoo he made a blend of coconut oil with 4 different butters to create this incredibly effective tattoo aftercare balm. Not wanting to keep this discovery to himself he approached his tattooist to sell it and now it is now sold by tattooists up and down the country! And as of this week on Greener Beauty too!

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To compliment the Georganics English Peppermint Toothsoap we already sell we now have the Activated Charcoal Toothsoap.
If you are looking to minimise waste this is definitely a great option. Packaged in a recyclable and compostable cardboard tube this Toothsoap will last one person on average 6 months!
It’s super easy to use too, just wet your brush and rub the bristles over the soap a few times before brushing your teeth.
This toothsoap is good for your teeth as well as the environment. The Activated Charcoal helps to remove plaque and stains, while the organic peppermint oil means the toothsoap tastes as you would expect!


This gorgeous Hawaiian range from Alba Botanica featuring lots of fragrant tropical ingredients is great for anyone with problem skin.

Containing pore purifying extracts this hypo-allergenic range helps to revitalise your skin leaving you with your best skin day yet!

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Get 20% off all the Fragrances of Body Wash.

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Get 15% off the whole plastic free White Rabbit Skincare range.

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Get 20% off the whole plastic free range of skin and body care.

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Get 15% off the full range from Eco by Sonya. FREE tote bag with every 2 single products or one set. Available while stocks last.

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