How to find Calm in a Chaotic World

Self care is such an important and often overlooked subject and in times like these it is more important than ever.

Self care for me looks like regular spa days or just going and getting my hair done to feel all refreshed, renewed and ready for anything. However, with times being as they are at the moment sadly a spa day or trip to the hairdressers is some way off. So for now I am trying to recreate the spa experience at home with some home pampering; a nice long hot bath with some relaxing music and a face mask on while my Tisserand Aroma Spa is on and giving me an aromatherapy blend suitable for my mood. If I really feel like treating myself I add in a glass of prosecco! Closing the door, leaving all the stress of the outside world far away, does me the world of good!

My other favourite way to de-stress quickly is having a good boogie for a few minutes. Dancing changes your mental state and finding that song that will always lift you up and make you want to shake your booty is something that can be accessible to all! My song is Lets Go by Calvin Harris, you are more than welcome to use it too until you find your own if that helps. Go on, stick it on and have a boogie, you know you want to!

We asked some of our favourite health and well being experts their top tips for looking after ourselves in difficult times and here is what they said:


Nicky Booton | Self-Esteem & Empowerment Coach

Check out your self talk and challenge your internal monologue.  You’re not crazy for talking to yourself in your head – we all do it!  But is your inner voice a friend or foe?  This seemingly silent voice is actually super loud and powerful and it’s important to remember that your thoughts and beliefs shape your reality.  If the name “Negative Nelly” fits well with your inner voice, it’s likely you might be battling with feeling pretty grim a lot of the time, so when you notice Nelly’s at work, comeback with some “Positive Polly” by reminding yourself of things like your achievements, and things you’re grateful for.  Even little things will help, and the more you practice, the more positive you will naturally start to feel as the habit grows.

Nicky helps women in business overcome the imposter monster so they can show up with confidence and thrive

You can find out more about Nicky here: |Instagram | Facebook | Facebook Groups


Fran Excell | Mindset & Productivity Mentor

When it comes to stress, the first thing that often goes out the window is doing the things that you know make you feel good.  The basics. We stop prioritising things that are good for us and end up focusing MORE on the things that are causing us the stress in the first place.  

What I’m always asking my clients if they come to me is are they sticking to their routine.  It’s so much more important than people think.  How you start your day is usually how your day goes.   So if you start it by the first thing you do being checking emails, social media, the news, messages…how is that going to make you feel as soon as you wake up? 

Your evening routine is just as important.  How you go to bed is usually how you’ll wake up feeling.  What we are ‘telling’ our unconscious minds just before we go to sleep is what it’s going to ‘work on’ for you while you’re asleep so it’s important to end on as much of a positive note as you can and ideally thinking about or visualising what you want for your life…little insider tip!

Things like meditation, journaling, some form of exercise even if it’s a walk, reading a few pages of a book, NOT checking your phone until a certain time, all of these sorts of things will set you up for a much calmer, happier, more stress free day.  AND the best bit…they’re super easy….and FREE!

Fran helps female business owners overcome self sabotage

You can find out more about Fran here: | The Positive Pants Podcast



Nancy Campbell | Yoga Teacher

Yoga is miraculous, yoga has something to give everyone, yoga is that  “thing” that just keeps on giving. Well I would say that I’m a yoga teacher. BUT not only has this practise changed my life it has changed the lives of so many people  I know in numerous ways . Of course I  swear by it.

Yoga has endless benefits, it works in many ways to help rid environmental and emotional toxins from the body and bring you back into balance. Stressing the body and mind in a sympathetic manner helps to cultivate strength destressing the body and mind brings disease. It’s destress we need to let go of.

Asana or yoga poses and the movement of the body with the breath moves energy around the body to allow both a physical and emotional release. Yoga poses are designed to release negative tension and bring you into a space of balance.

Our connection with our breath with movement begins to train the mind to be present. Coming to a place of presence  moves us out of our normal cortisol fuelled  place from flight or fright to rest and digest thus from our sympathetic to our parasympathetic nervous system.

Yoga has an endless list of benefits, an endless list of styles and an endless list of teachers, find one that works for you, learn to be present to still the chatter of the mind and completely change your response to stress.

Nancy is a 500 hour Yoga Alliance Registered Teacher and has been practising yoga for 20 years.

Practice with Nancy online or find out more about her here: |Instagram | Facebook


Rachel Boon | Naturopath & Medical Herbalist

During times of stress it’s not enough just to eat well. It’s equally as important to remove the potential anxiety-inducing foods that aren’t serving us at this time, such as excess alcohol, caffeine (sorry!), artificial sweeteners and refined sugar. At the same time, you can massively support your nervous system by eating lots of magnesium-rich foods such as leafy green veg, supergreens (spirulina, chlorella, barleygrass powders etc) edamame beans, raw cacao, unsalted nuts, bananas, prunes and figs. Aim to include something protein-rich in each main meal to help balance your blood sugar levels and help tonify your frazzled adrenal glands (which regulate your stress response) by snacking on, or creating meals using almonds, Brazils, walnuts, hemp seeds, dates figs and leafy greens such as spinach, Swiss chard, rocket kale etc. And finally, aim to chew your food at least x30 per mouthful and notice how this mindful activity makes you feel fuller faster, and ensures you slow down at mealtimes for an optimal digestive experience.

Rachel is a vegan Naturopath, Herbalist, juice junkie, runner, parent and soon-to-be author with a special interest in skin conditions, digestive health and woman’s wellbeing.

Find out more about Rachel here: |Instagram | Facebook


Jenny Dunn | Personal Trainer

I have gathered quite a few tools in my toolbox over the years to help me deal with stress. Meditation, yoga and exercise (especially out in nature) are my go to’s.

Exercise helps to burn off stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol and releases feel good endorphins. If I’m feeling tired or low in energy I won’t force myself to have a heavy workout or gruelling mountain bike ride. I’ll just take myself off to the seafront or up to the South Downs for a walk. 

Nothing is more grounding and calming for me, than hearing the birds sing and feeling the sun, wind or rain on my face whilst I’m walking out in nature.

Jenny is a personal trainer and yoga teacher in Brighton

Find out more about Jenny here:



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