The BEST Gluten Free & Vegan Carrot Cake You’ll Ever Make!

I am blessed to know lots of incredible vegan businesses many of whom do beautiful and generous acts to support the vegan community. And this is very much true of this week’s business behind our special guest recipe.

If you have ever been lucky enough to get tickets to a Hugletts open day then you will have seen the amazing display of cupcakes by the very talented Krishna of Craving Cake. For every open day she makes a huge selection of cupcakes and sells them with all profits going to this incredible animal sanctuary.

Krishna makes super tasty and stunning cup cakes and cakes. Def worth having a scroll through her Instagram to see the incredible bakes she makes. Link at the bottom of the page.

Enjoy this months recipe for Carrot cake, don’t forget to tag us in your pictures!

Vic x


“A recipe from the heart! Introducing the BEST gluten free & vegan carrot cake you’ll ever make! Plus, being able to put vegetables in a cake is a huge win for anyone! Carrots make this cake easy, moist, colourful and most of all delicious!

Plus, if you have children, it’s great to get them involved. The best cakes are made with a secret ingredient which you will find at the end of the ingredients list.

Just a reminder it’s FREE FROM gluten, dairy, eggs, oil and refined sugar!”


For the Cake

1 cup ground flaxseed

1 1/2 cups water

2 cups Gluten Free Self Raising Flour blend (Doves Farm is a good one)

1 cup ground almonds

2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

2 cups coconut sugar

2 tbsp baking powder

200 ml plant-based milk (I used unsweetened almond)

3 large carrots grated


2 cans coconut milk cream (that thick part at the top of a coconut milk can)

2 Tbsp coconut sugar

Secret Ingredient:

Love! That’s right –I am a huge believer that with Love, and the right ingredients, anyone can enjoy the best cruelty free cakes! This is exactly what my company is about. This secret ingredient is vital to cakes…and life! Enjoy. To prepare for the coconut icing  place your coconut milk cans and a mixing bowl in the fridge overnight or at least a couple hours before making the cake.


When you are ready to make pre-heat your oven to about 180C.
You will need 2 bowls:

  • Add the ground flaxseed and water
  • Stir and leave to sit for 10 minutes until it thickens. You can prepare the other ingredients while you wait.
  • In the second larger mixing bowl
  • Add the gluten free flour, almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg, sugar, baking powder and mix until there are no lumps.
  • Now add the milk and flaxseed (when thickened) and mix. Grate in the carrot and fold it in.
  • Grease two 8 inch baking tins with oil (or baking paper for oil free) and pour in 1/2 the mixture into each.
  • Place in the oven for 30-40 mins at 180C.
  • Check with a skewer through the middle to check if the cake is done. If the skewer comes out dry then it’s done! Depending on your oven, you may need to leave it in for a few more minutes!
  • Once cooked, remove from the oven and place on a cooling rack for about 20 mins. You can turn the cake out after this time.
  • Once the cake is cooled, add the coconut fat (the thick part at the top of the coconut can) to a chilled (vital!) mixing bowl along with 2 tbsp coconut sugar and whisk with a handheld whisker until it starts to get all peaky and fluffy.
  • Simply layer the icing onto both of the cakes, then place one on top of the other.


Share with friends and family to really taste the secret ingredient.

About Craving Cake

Craving Cake’s founder Krishna believes that when cakes are handmade with love, free from guilt, free from cruelty and handled with utmost care, they become simply divine!! The proof is in the tasting!! 🙂

All their cakes and muffins are made to order, they are dairy free, egg free and karma free!

You can find out more about Craving Cake on Facebook here and Instagram here.


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