A Guest blog by Mel founder of White Rabbit Skincare.

White Rabbit Skincare is one of my favourite plastic free skincare ranges that we sell. In fact I love it so much it was one of the first plastic free brands we got in when Greener Beauty was launched in 2018. And it has been a firm favourite ever since. The White Rabbit Skincare Rose and Orange Night cream is the best selling night cream on Greener Beauty, so its not just me that loves this gorgeous Scottish brand, you do to!

It gives me great pleasure to introduce this guest blog written by Mel, the founder of White Rabbit Skincare. Mel shares her Summer Skincare regime.


Vic x


Ah summer. 

We spend a great deal of the year waiting for this season, but in the UK especially we never know what we’re going to get – week long rain storms in June, I’m looking at you. 

Which begs the question: 

Should you change your skincare routine throughout the year, and in particular during summer when we’re having to battle with cold and rain one day and sweat, heat and humidity the next? 

I personally don’t – if I make any changes or use different products, it tends to be how I/my skin is ‘feeling’ on certain days; not just because it’s suddenly June and I think I ‘should’ pack away my hydrating moisturiser, like putting away your winter jackets at the merest hint of sunshine! 

Moreover, healthy skin should be able to adjust to climate changes without having to overhaul your routine. 

If like me, you might notice that during the summer months your skin can be a little temperamental – this can be due to your skin barrier becoming irritated due to humidity etc, but also dehydration, which is a key cause of acne. 

So as well as a good skin care routine, make sure you drink lots of liquids, whether that be water, juice, tea, coffee, and ‘feed your face’ with the following nourishing products!

Lime & Coconut Cleansing Water

As refreshing as it sounds, our cleansing water is the plastic free and eco-friendly alternative to face wipes, and it is amazing for removing all types of makeup – even waterproof mascara – and daily grime. The coconut oil molecules latch onto makeup particles and lift them away, and the orange floral water and lime essential oil stimulate skin’s circulation to refresh and revitalise your complexion. 

Eucalyptus & Lavender Cleansing Balm

Some might equate a balm product with winter skincare, but as a solid-to-oil formula, this is a great product to use all year round to deeply cleanse your skin without stripping it, AND when used with a face cloth to remove, it’s incredible for daily exfoliation too. So say bye-bye to dead skin cells, excess skin oil and hello to a daily glow!

Orange & Aloe Vera Toner 

Toners are a very underrated and underused product, and people often associate them with the astringent alcohol-based toners of old, when in actual fact the right toner not only helps sweep away any excess cleanser and skin oils that the first steps might have missed, they can also add an extra layer of hydration – the key ingredient to look for is vegetable glycerin, a natural humectant (keeps moisture). As well as in between cleansing and moisturising, I love to spray on the toner throughout the day as an incredibly refreshing facial mist.

Olive & Avocado Serum

Don’t shy away at the thought of a facial serum or oil, they are honestly one of the best things for your skin, I promise! Serums in particular are made up of finer molecules which penetrate down into the lower layers of your skin for deep hydration and thus a stunning glow! They are also amazing multi-tasking products, for example as a makeup primer, beautiful highlighter on the cheekbones or to smooth out unruly hair.

You can browse the range from White Rabbit Skincare here.


Pin it Pinterest Summer Skincare Regime
Pin it Pinterest Summer Skincare Regime
Pin it Pinterest Summer Skincare Regime

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