7 Steps to Spring Clean your Makeup & Skincare Routine

We have all just about finished our home spring cleans, so have you thought about giving your makeup and skincare routine a spring clean?

Here are top 7 tips to upgrade your makeup and skincare routines to be more spring friendly.

1. Clean your Makeup Brushes

I know this is not the first thing that everyone would like to read, but when did you last spring clean your brushes? Opinions vary a little but with brushes that have a product build up such as a brush used with foundation they should really be cleaned every one or two weeks. Yes, that frequently! Especially if you have had a recent break out, clean those brushes and get rid of any lurking bacteria.

Cleaning your makeup brushes does not need to be a big deal and take a long time.

Personally I pop a bit of a liquid cleanser in a sink full of warm water (Dr Bronners Liquid Castille soap is great for this!). Mix the cleanser in with the water well.

Next clean one brush at a time. I wouldn’t submerge them all in the water, especially if any of them have a wooden handle. Pop the brush end in first and on the bottom of the sink swirl it round in the water. It should be easy to see all the product coming out of the bristles, but feel free to give it a gentle massage with your fingers to help.

Once you are happy that the brush is clean, tap the excess water out over the sink.

To dry put a towel on the edge of a surface and hang the brushes over the edge of the surface. This will allow the brushes to dry in the correct shape rather than being dried flat.

And that’s it! Nice clean brushes that will really make your makeup application go on smoother!

2. Check your product Expiration Dates

All products in your makeup bag and a bathroom cabinet have an expiration date that will show you how many months they need to be used in after opening. If you are using natural products these timeframes are because there are no preservatives used that might give you a longer shelf life. Some also have an actual use by date too.

This is a helpful exercise if you a few cleansers, moisturisers or shower gels open to work out which ones need to be used first.

3. Recycle those empties! 

If you have some empty pots or jars use this time to give them a good clean and pop them in your recycling. Alternatively have you thought about upcycling these items? A few ideas of what you could do with them could be..

  • If you have a jar, pop some soil in and use it to grow some indoor plants. You could even use it to grow some window ledge vegetables. This can also be done without the soil, add some water and add the ends of your lettuce or spring onions in to grow more!
  • If you have a spray bottle maybe from a toner, refill with some water and a few drops of your favourite essential oils to create a room spray.
  • If you have some empty bottles of shampoo or conditioner, consider cutting these in half and using them for growing seeds.
  • Save any glass bottles and use them for gifts, fill them with a selection of someone’s favourite things, maybe a nail polish, lip balm and some of their favourite vegan sweets.
  • If you have any beautiful jars, consider popping some fairy lights in them and making a bathroom feature out of them. Who doesn’t love a bath by candle and fairy light!

4. Get those toes ready for sandals!

Our feet have been in shoes and boots for a while, so its time to get them ready for sandals and flip flops so that when that gorgeous weather hits you can get your toes out and show off the gorgeous colours!

Whether you feel like treating yourself to a pedicure or just do it yourself at home, this is the ideal time of year to get those toes ready!

5. Refresh your Skincare

Do you change your skincare with the seasons?

In autumn/winter with heating and cold weather your skin needs products that will deeply hydrate your skin and stop it drying out. You may also want to use a cream cleanser that will moisturise while cleansing (although not actually replacing moisturising!).

In spring/summer you might want to start using lighter products, maybe go from a cream cleanser to a micellar water or foaming cleanser. Maybe you want to change your moisturiser to be a little lighter. Or maybe you like to spring clean your shower and change your shower gel to a more summery fragrance.

Ideally we should be using some sort of SPF all year round but in the spring/summer it should be a higher factor.

6. Exfoliate Well! 

After months of wearing multiple layers don’t forget that your spring clean can also include getting rid of any dead skin cells. Give your body and face a good exfoliate and follow with moisturiser.

7. SPF Daily

Enjoy your days in the sun, but make sure to wear sunscreen. Reef safe SPF is kind to the environment and will protect against sunburn, prevent premature aging, and reduce the risk of cancer.

Even on those days where the sun appears to be hiding don’t forget the SPF!


We hope you found that helpful. If you have any questions about any of this don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via the usual means.


Pin it 7 Steps to Spring Clean your Makeup & Skincare Routine
Pin it 7 Steps to Spring Clean your Makeup & Skincare Routine
Pin it 7 Steps to Spring Clean your Makeup & Skincare Routine

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