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Natural Wisdom African Black Soap Gift Set

  This Gift Set comprises of a hand carved Cedarwood Soap dish, Organic Wash Cloth and a small bar of Ethical, fair trade African Black Soap. Black Soap is made from Shea butter, Coconut oil and Cocoa pods. It has a pH of around 8 which can be very soothing for certain skin conditions. It cleanses beautifully, gives a very thick creamy lather, perfect for shaving and it has a lovely clean fragrance.

Natural Wisdom Blue Tansy Oil Gel to Lotion Facial Cleanser

A nourishing Raw & Organic Blue Tansy Oil Gel Cleanser that attracts and traps oily grime and make up ,dissolving it and lifting it away, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh with no greasy residue. Ideal for very dry, sensitive, reactive skin prone to redness. 50ml

Natural Wisdom Jasmine Blossom Solid Perfume

Solid Jasmine. A gorgeous exotic floral perfume to let the sunshine in. No Alcohol, no synthetic fragrances, Vegan and cruelty free

Natural Wisdom JOY Solid Perfume

JOY is an uplifting and refreshing blend of Orange Blossom, Rose, Gardenia, Vanilla, Cypress, Lemon and Sandalwood pure essential oils.

Natural Wisdom Love Thyself Organic Rose Petal Cleansing Mask

  A beautiful gift box comprising of a reusable Miron jar containing 50g of Rose Petal Facial Cleansing Mask (sufficient for 30 cleanses), a unique cedarwood hand crafted bowl & spoon & one organic cotton muslin face cloth. Also available as a 50ml refill option

Natural Wisdom Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C Facial Mask & Polish

Natural Wisdom Matcha Green Tea & Vitamin C provides a luxurious & gentle Antioxidant Face Mask & Polish to encourage healthy skin cell renewal & a brighter complexion

Natural Wisdom Moroccan Amber Resin Solid Perfume

Authentic, premium Moroccan Amber Resin Perfume

Natural Wisdom Nag Champa Sandalwood & Frangipani Solid Perfume

A versatile and completely natural and unique solid perfume from Natural Wisdom. No alcohol, no artificial fragrances, low allergy, vegan and cruelty free.

Natural Wisdom Namaste Solid Perfume

Indian Neroli, Egyptian Neroli, Moroccan Orange blossom, Red Mandarin, Indian Jasmin, Frankincense, & Osmanthus. A fresh clean fragrance to help nourish and nurture the balance between the heart and the head.

Natural Wisdom Orange Blossom Solid Perfume

If you've ever had the delight of smelling true orange blossoms at dusk when the aroma is at its sweetest then that's the only description you'll need of this uniquely irresistible natural Orange Blossom solid perfume.

Natural Wisdom Organic Black Seed & Lemon Balm Lip Saviour

  Black Seed oil and Lemon Balm {Melissa} are herbal extracts with a prestigious wealth of scientific evidence demonstrating powerful naturally occurring anti viral, anti bacterial and soothing properties that may aid in the treatment and prevention of cold sores. 15g  

Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm

  Natural Wisdom Organic Blue Tansy Balm is an aroma therapeutic product to cool, calm and soothe skin.