Plastic Free Makeup

Plastic Free Makeup

Shop for all your plastic free makeup needs from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, cruelty free, only ethical brands and natural products. We check the labels so you don’t have to!

Shipping costs £3.95 if you spend under £30. Free Shipping over £30. All orders dispatched in plastic free packaging. A tree planted for every order.

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Bain & Savon Cake Solid Mascara

This mascara cake is designed for sensitive eyes, handmade in the UK using only natural and vegan ingredients. Bain & Savon also use a broad spectrum 100% organic preservative to avoid long term microbial growth. Available in two sizes; 10ml and 20ml.

Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Clean Nails

£12.50 £10.63
Beauty Without Cruelty Kind Clean Nails is a unique, clear, 100% bio-sourced remover gently hydrates the nail plate and cuticles as it smoothly removes all trace of nail colour. Please note: This cannot be shipped outside of the UK.

Benecos IT-Pieces Blush

£4.65 £4.19
The Benecos IT-Pieces blushers are super soft on skin & easily glides over your cheeks for a natural looking blush, a great addition to your make up palette. Available in 3 colours.

Benecos IT-Pieces Bronzer

£4.65 £4.19
The Benecos IT-Pieces Bronzer smoothly glides over skin for a gorgeous bronze, a great addition to your make up palette. Available in 2 colours.

Benecos IT-Pieces Compact Powder

£5.65 £5.09
This compact powder is compatible with the Benecos It-Pieces Refill Palette and when used on its own lends the complexion a matte and balanced finish. Apply over the foundation to set it and provide the skin with a natural finish. Available in 4 shades.

Benecos IT-Pieces Contour

£4.65 £4.19
Give your natural features a boost with the Benecos Natural Contouring Powder Ash Contour.

Benecos IT-Pieces Eyeshadow

£3.95 £3.56
Soft textured powdered eyeshadows that fit into the IT-Pieces refillable palette. Each refill is rich in pigments and instantly beautifies your look. Choose the colour of your choice in order to compose your ideal palette, options below for what combinations will fit in one palette.

Benecos IT-Pieces Highlighter

£4.65 £4.19
The Benecos IT-Pieces highlighters, perfect to make your skin sparkle and illuminate your features. This is a great addition to your make up palette. Available in 2 colours.

Cheeky Panda Bamboo Facial Tissue Cube

£1.79 £1.61
Enjoy convenience at your fingertips with these ultra-sustainable 100% bamboo facial tissues in a plastic free cubed box. Ideal for all skin types, these vegan tissues are dust free, chemical free and packed full of natural goodness. Perfect for use at home or in the work place, on a desk, table or your chosen surface.

Cheeky Panda bamboo pocket tissue

£0.59 £0.53
Imagine if you could take super soft luxury bamboo tissues everywhere for your convenience. These pocket tissues allow you to do just that, each sustainable pack comes with 10 tissues.
Cheeky Panda bamboo Tissue Flat Box

Cheeky Panda bamboo Tissue Flat Box

100% bamboo facial tissues ideal for use at home or at work. The flat shape is perfect for any flat surface, ideally a table in the living room or a work desk.

Cheeky Panda Biodegradable Bamboo Baby Wipes

£2.99 £2.54
100% biodegradable baby wipes made from natural bamboo fibre, infused with 99% purified water and fruit extract.