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Shop for Baby and Child Washing and Bathing products from a variety of different brands. Greener Beauty is always vegan, cruelty free, only ethical brands and natural products. We check the labels so you don’t have to!

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Childs Farm Baby Bedtime Bubbles Organic

£3.99 £3.59
Childs Farm’s award-winning mild, foaming bubble bath contains tangerine oil to calm and soothe, and vitamin E to gently moisturise; perfect for baby at bedtime. Use in every bath for happy skin and relaxing bath times!

Childs Farm Baby Oil

£7.99 £7.19
Childs Farm baby oil contains four oils including organic coconut oil to moisturise all skin types. It’s light, luxurious, mild and gentle – perfect for baby massage!

Childs Farm Baby Wash

£3.99 £3.59
For your baby’s first wash onwards, this super mild hair and body wash will clean and moisturise your baby’s skin from the very early months and beyond. Using natural cleansers, it cuts through dirt gently and effectively leaving nothing but nourished and hydrated hair and skin.

Childs Farm Blackberry & Organic Apple Hair and Body Wash

£3.99 £3.59
Childs Farm hair and body wash has a wonderful fruity aroma of blackberry and organic apple extract which makes cleaning off dirt a fragrant joy!

Childs Farm Grapefruit & Organic Tea Tree Oil Hand wash

£3.99 £3.59
With a citrus-fresh scent of grapefruit and organic tea tree oil, this cleansing hand wash cuts through grime in no time, leaving skin feeling moisturised, smooth and smelling fab.

Childs Farm Nappy Cream

£3.99 £3.59
Childs Farm Nappy Cream for happy bottoms contains aloe vera, cocoa butter and shea butter to moisturise all skin types, helping to ensure baby’s bottom is protected from nappy rash. These super-moisturisers keep skin cells plump helping form a barrier against bacteria.

Childs Farm Organic Raspberry Bubble Bath

£3.99 £3.59
Childs Farm foaming bubble bath makes bubbly bubbles fragranced with organic raspberry extract.

Childs Farm Organic Sweet Orange Hair Body Wash

Childs Farm hair and body wash contains organic sweet orange oil which makes cleaning off dirt a fragrant joy!

Childs Farm Organic Tangerine Bubble Bath

£3.99 £3.59
Childs Farm foaming bubble bath makes award-winning bubbly bubbles fragranced with organic tangerine oil.

Dr Bronner Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap

£7.69 £6.92
Face, body, hair—food, dishes, mopping, pets—the best for human, home and Earth! With no added fragrance and double the olive oil, our Baby Unscented Pure-Castile Liquid Soap is good for sensitive skin & babies too (though not tear-free!). Our Pure-Castile soap is concentrated, biodegradable, versatile and effective. 237ml

Earth Friendly Baby Calming Lavender Bubble Bath

£5.49 £4.94
With a little help from Mother Nature, Earth Friendly Baby have lovingly crafted this lavender bubble bath for you and your baby. 300ml

Earth Friendly Baby Lavender Shampoo and Body Wash

Earth Friendly Baby have worked with Mother Nature to lovingly craft this lavender baby shampoo and body wash just for you and your baby. 250ml