Overcome Stress and Find Calm

April is Stress Awareness Month so I have worked with some fabulous women who run UK wellness businesses to put together this weeks blog featuring our top tips to overcome stress and find calm. In a world that is anything but predictable and calm follow these tips to look within for calm and peace.

For me I have a number of ways that I like to find calm and destress. For me self care plays a huge part in this.

Self care for me looks like regular spa days or just going and getting my hair done to feel all refreshed, renewed and ready for anything. Alternatively I often recreate the spa experience at home with some home pampering; a nice long hot bath with some relaxing music and a face mask on while my Tisserand Aroma Spa is on and giving me an aromatherapy blend suitable for my mood. Closing the door, leaving all the stress of the outside world far away, does me the world of good! I also find just putting on a feel good movie and painting my nails super relaxing and when my nails look gorgeous I feel like I can take on the world! 😉

My other favourite way to de-stress quickly is having a good boogie for a few minutes. Turn the music up and lose myself in the song. I might even sing along if I am really feeling it but that is not always the most pleasant thing for anyone close by! Dancing changes your mental and physical state. Finding a song that will always lift you up and make you want to shake your booty is something that can be accessible to all! Do you already have a song? Mine is Lets Go by Calvin Harris, every time I hear those first few bars of it playing I am out of my seat so quickly! you are more than welcome to use it too until you find your own if that helps. Go on, stick it on and have a boogie, you know you want to!

My final destress is to go outside. As you may know I love being by the sea (although better below the surface with my scuba gear on if I am honest) or in the woods hugging a tree. Just breathing in that fresh beautiful air grounds me instantly and brings me to a happy place.

We asked some fabulous women who are UK health and well being experts their top tips in how to overcome stress and find calm and here is what they said:



Larna Campbell

Yoga for Balanced Living

3 simple ways to let go of stress in an instant

Did you know you can do yoga anytime, anywhere and access deep calm in a moment?

When it comes to overcoming stress, yoga is your friend.

Yoga has been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps us relax, and lower the stress hormone cortisol.

3 quick stress-busting exercises:

  1. Take a pause – close or relax your eyes and focus on the sensation of your breath.
  2. Extend your exhale so it’s longer than your inhale. Count your breath inhale for 4 counts, exhale for 6.
  3. Belly breathing – as you inhale, breathe deeply into your belly until your lungs are full to capacity, exhale.

Repeat for 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to feel the benefits. The more you practise, the more benefit you will feel over time.

If you’d like more stress-relieving yoga, get my free, gentle yoga challenge ‘Get Grounded and Relaxed With Yoga’.


Larna is passionate about teaching yoga for everyone, for all bodies. She teaches how we can use yoga as a system of living well, not just about the asana and yoga as physical exercise. As well as teaching yoga, Larna teaches languages in a secondary school, and loves growing veg on her allotment.

You can find out more about Larna here:

Yoga For Balanced Living (Including offers and a free challenge) |Instagram | Facebook 



Liz Roberts

Spiritual Guidance, Tarot Reader and Crystal Expert.

The massive changes that are going on in the world currently are causing social turmoil resulting in high levels of stress and anxiety. There are some amazing holistic resources available, and one is the stunningly beautiful world of crystals.  The energy and magic that they bring to your everyday life is wonderful.

Crystals are a fundamental part of mother earth and the healing gifts they provide are huge, so instead of relying on other props to get you through such as coffee start to explore crystals.

There are a number that will help alleviate stress and here are some suggestions. Amethyst, the saviour crystal as it has a gentle, calming and healing energy.  The stunning purple will help you to connect with your soul.  The light blue crystals such as Blue Calcite or Blue Lace agate are excellent for bringing you back into balance when there have been issues or misunderstandings.  Rose Quartz for self love and self care, a beautiful warming energy and keep close to your heart. Sodalite, Shungite and Black Tourmaline are also fabulous crystals to help you  if you are overwhelmed by life’s challenges.

There are many ways to use crystals firstly as a display item they look stunning and will enhance the energy of any room.  If you meditate or just take quiet time holding a crystal or having one placed near you will aid with your spiritual connection.  Whilst you are relaxed the calming energy of the crystal will be working and helping you. 

Wearing crystals within necklaces or earrings is an attractive way of keeping your favourite crystal with you.  There are the set crystals also wire wrapped which tend to be a rough crystal or just polished. 

I always say with crystals choose the ones you are drawn to as they will be the ones you need.


Liz is a specialist in Tarot and Oracle reading, Spiritual Books, Crystals, Spiritual Guidance and generally all things Spiritual. 

You can connect with Liz here:

Instagram | Facebook



Cath McFadyen

Principal Physio & Pilates Instructor at Core Restore

Stress is whatever you say it is. Our experience of and to perceived stress is completely individualised. Cortisol – our chief stress hormone – influences metabolism, thyroid, our immune system, and will exist in higher quantities when we’re stressed. It promotes fat storage particularly around the midriff, additionally driving food cravings, and can disrupt our sleep, wellness, and hormones when out of whack.

Animal products can be considered inflammatory so opting for more plant-based nutrition may improve things if you’re in full stress mode. Eating little and often, consuming protein and good fats at each meal can balance blood sugar, whilst whole grains steady blood energy release, improving cortisol levels. Evidence also suggests cutting out triggers which influence the experience of stress and symptoms. Think caffeine, sugar, alcohol, dairy.

Aim for 30 different fruit and veg a week, eating colours of the rainbow, and try not to get stuck in a culinary rut.


Cath is a qualified Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor & Nutrition Coach who specialises in working with women in hormonal imbalance, empowering them to feel and live well 

You can connect with Cath here:

Core-Restore |Instagram | Facebook



Tina Russell

Mindset and Wellbeing Blogger and Coach

Do Less

Not surprisingly, you can become stressed if you’re trying to do too much. There’s a culture to glorify being busy. It’s become a badge of honour to tell people how busy you are in reply to them asking how you are. I’m pleased to say that this culture is changing (and I’m doing my part to help with that where I can). Instead keep things simple and enjoy life with more sense of calm. 

Routine Helps you Focus on What you Can Control

In uncertain times, it is easy for our mind to get caught up thinking about we can’t control and worrying about issues outside of our control. Concentrating on what you can control, will stop the overwhelm that often comes with stress and help you feel more calm and in control.

Develop a Self-Care Plan

The right self-care plan can help improve your overall wellbeing, assist with stress management and generally keep you healthy. It’s a unique plan, created by you and filled with your favourite self-care activities and important reminders. By learning to identify activities that support your well-being, you’ll be able to create a customized self-care plan works specifically for you.


Tina Russell is Founder of Simply Shine and a Mindset and Wellbeing Blogger and Coach,. Tina helps stressed out women to calm the chaos in their mind and life, prioritise themselves and shine in all they choose to do. Download the strategy to finally get consistent with your daily self-care and get started straight away. 

You can connect with Tina here:

Simply Shine | Download the Strategy |Instagram | Facebook 


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