Our Top Christmas Beauty Tips

Christmas this year is no doubt going to be different. It is unlikely that your calendar is going to be full of parties and excuses to get all glammed up but hopefully you will still experience a good amount of eating, drinking and being merry in whatever way that fits well for you. As much as we want to encourage all the merriment you can handle, just remember that all this festive fun can result in unwelcome consequences on your skin!

But don’t fret we are here to help! Our top Christmas beauty tips will help you to enjoy all the festivities and stay looking and feeling fresh.




Christmas is usually a season that involves a lot of indulging, and this is ok but worth knowing this may have consequences on your skin at a later date. Highly processed food and refined carbohydrates can cause mild inflammation in the body and aggravate skin problems such as acne, and sugar damages collagen fibres and contributes to wrinkles and sagging. Balancing out your morning chocolate with some healthy fruit and veggies will go a long way to help combat this, as the power from the plants soaks up free radicals caused by the junk, which in turn helps your skin to look and feel fresh.


Drinking lots of water (or herbal teas) is so important for many reasons, including ensuring your energy levels are up, your digestion is working and your skin looking fresh! Water keeps your skin plumped up and healthy looking as well as flushing out toxins that that can cause spots, wrinkles and oily skin so this is especially important if you are indulging more usual!


While you are sleeping your skin rests, allowing the cells to go into regeneration mode when they replace damaged and dead cells with new ones. The odd late night is manageable but the more often you put your body through this the harsher the consequences will be.


This year looks vastly different for many of us and is unlikely to involve in person parties and endless socialising. But if your festive period does still involve wearing make up then please please remember to take it off before bed and let your skin breathe! Even if you are not wearing make up cleansing at the end of the day is important to make sure you remove any toxins from the day. Looking for a super quick solution? Why not use the reusable make up remover cloth by Dearest Fannie, all you have to do is add water and wipe away your make up!


Why not treat yourself to a facial at home! I’ve included links to my favourite products to use in an at home facial but feel free to swap with your favourites!

Find somewhere quiet with water, put on some relaxing music and use the following products in this order:


Apply a cleanser to clean away the dirt of the day. The Antipodes Hallelujah Lime & Patchouli Cleanser is currently one of my faves for this.

Massage into the skin well using pressure in an upwards motion.

Rinse well.


Follow with a face scrub. I am currently using the Sukin Super Greens face scrub . The exfoliant is made form jojoba beads and bamboo, so is lovely and delicate, super sustainable and no waste.

You can apply face scrub to a dry or wet skin, if you are looking for a really effective exfoliate use dry!

Massage in thoroughly and then rinse well.


Apply a facial mask, this could be a clay or cotton sheet mask, sit back for 15 minutes and enjoy the quiet or read a book.

I tend to use a mix of different types but this year I am planning on using the Sukin Deeply Hydrating sheet mask, with all this hot air inside and cold air outside we could all use a little extra hydration.

Rinse off with warm water.


Apply your cleanser again to ensure that your skin is super clean.


Close eyes, spray a Toner onto face and neck.

Massage in using upwards hand strokes.

We have lots of different options for toners but if you are looking for one with a crisp scent we love the White Rabbit Orange and Aloe one.


Apply a moisturiser. If giving yourself a facial at night be sure to use a night cream.

If you are feeling super decedent use a facial oil before the moisturiser.

Massage it in well between applications.

My favourites and frequent go to’s are the Ethically Organic Radiance Soufflee for daytime and either the Eco by Sonya glory oil or White Rabbit Olive and Avocado oil.

Top tips for applying anything to your face is to always only apply pressure using an upwards motion. The reason for this is that you have gravity pulling your face down all day, why add to this!

I start by applying the oil or moisturiser across my nose and then across my cheekbones following your cheekbones upwards towards your ears.

Follow this motion moving closer to your eyes. Then follow this same motion below your cheekbones.

Once you reach your chin put your hands together in a praying position touching the bottom and middle of your chin. Apply pressure and move your hands round your face up towards your ears. The amount of pressure you apply is up to you.

Finally for your forehead with the palms of your hands facing your forehead place your fingers of both hands in the middle and pull out towards your hairline.

For added destress there are acupressure points under your eyebrows, so apply pressure on your eyebrows near your nose and move out to the end of your eyebrows.


Don’t strive for perfection and don’t be too strict on yourself. All the information above is your gold standard but Christmas above all should be about fun and enjoyment whenever possible, so if you slip up, please don’t beat yourself up! Stress and exhaustion lower the immune system and can make skin worse and perhaps more importantly just make you feel rubbish!

Try and focus on those you love and being present for them and for yourself.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas from all of us at Greener Beauty xx


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