Launching the Greener Beauty VIP Inner Circle

As we have just launched the Greener Beauty VIP Inner Circle I thought I would share why I have decided to launch this membership.

I know this might sound cheesy but I feel so grateful to have met so many amazing people through living my dream and launching Greener Beauty and lots of you have become good friends.

When we were in the midst of Covid I ran meditation sessions and had coffee mornings with salon owners where we brainstormed ideas on what to do and how to generate an income without being able to cut hair, give massages or give tattoos. During these sessions I really recognised the beauty of community and how powerful it can be to be surrounded by likeminded people.

And this was a major driving force in me setting up the VIP Inner Circle. As a member you will have access to our Inner Circle Facebook group where you can meet and chat with other VIP members.

In this group you can ask for product advice or just generally have a chat about something that is on your mind.

Maybe you want to talk about what everyone is going to be having for their vegan Christmas dinner or just want to find out what face cream everyone else is using.

It is a safe space with no judgement and just a friendly reception.

Its a private group so anything that you post in the group will only ever be seen by other members.

Talking of community we will also have a monthly Zoom call.

We will have special guests and can talk about topics that appeal to you (voting on topics will happen in the Facebook group). But sometimes it will just be an opportunity for a chance to just chat and talk about whatever you feel called to talk about. Similarly to our Facebook group there will be no judgement and it will just be a space filled with love and compassion. If you want to have your video camera on so that everyone can see you fab, but if you would rather not have your camera on this is absolutely ok too.

Help Shape Greener Beauty

As Greener Beauty grows it is becoming less about my dream and more and more about your desires. And that’s why you as a member of the VIP Inner Circle will have a chance to get involved in shaping how Greener Beauty grows.

There will be the opportunity to get involved in testing new brands and product lines before they go on sale. You will also have a say in whether you think we should sell these products. At present I would estimate that only about 30-40% of products that we test actually end up for sale on Greener Beauty. As part of this testing you will get free samples sent to you in your next order that you can use and feedback to us what you think. Do you think it was effective? Was it enjoyable to use? Did it smell nice? Was it good value for money? Do you think we should sell it on Greener Beauty? Your answers to these questions will help us decide whether to launch this brand.

As we launch the first testing opportunity will be the chance to help test our new idea for launching a sample service for lipsticks. Based on your feedback on this we will decide whether to offer lipstick samples on all the lipsticks we offer.

Maybe there is a brand that you would like to see for sale on Greener Beauty, the VIP Inner Circle Facebook group is absolutely the place to share your suggestion. And once it goes to the testing stage you can once again have your say.

And of course we want to give back to you

Its not just about community, I wanted to give you a benefit of being a regular customer. So as an additional benefit of joining our VIP Inner Circle you will get 10% off all full price purchases made with us. The only exception to this will be our annual advent calendar which we have priced as low as possible so can’t discount any further. Items on sale will also be exempt and not be reduced further.

And just because we love our VIP Inner Circle members so much we are also running exclusive timed further discounts. At launch we are offering an additional 10% off anything purchased from Tisserand and Sukin. Ensuring that you always pay the best price. Lots of gorgeous gift sets available by those brands just in time for Christmas!

And there is more still.

Exclusive products only available to you. Soon we will be launching our surprise boxes where you will get a variety of products at a great price so you can try new brands and new products. Or products that we have been selling for a while that you haven’t had a chance to try yet! These surprise boxes will be priced to sell, for example on sale for £30 with £60 worth of products included.

You will get a first look at all new products before they go on general sale. If you missed out on our Advent Calendar last year I am sure you can appreciate how valuable this is. VIP Inner Circle Members will have a chance to buy new items for a period of time before they go on general release. Details of latest products will be found in our Facebook community and in your VIP members area.

Join our VIP Inner Circle Today! 

I am looking forward to getting to know you better in the VIP Inner Circle Facebook group and on our zoom calls.

Join today here


Pin it Launching the Greener Beauty VIP Inner Circle
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Pin it Launching the Greener Beauty VIP Inner Circle

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