Infusing Life with Skin Positivity

A Guest blog by Rebecca of Temple De Luna


What does it mean to “infuse life” with skin positivity?

To me it’s first and foremost acknowledging that the road to skin positivity is simply that. It’s a road, a path, a journey. Becoming more and more in love with yourself, who you are, and the skin you are in is not an overnight thing. It certainly doesn’t make it any easier when everyday, we are bombarded with images and posts of “perfect, flawless skin” and set an expectation that is impossible for any human to actually achieve.

Yes, we know deep down these images are really just airbrushing, filters and clever editing skills, but that doesn’t always stop us from playing the comparison game. Whatever end of the scale we are at, we have all experienced moments of observing another person, maybe their beautiful complexion, or clear, blemish-free skin, “smaller pores” and so on, and comparing it to ourselves, how we view ourselves, often with a slight hint of “why can’t my skin be like that?”.

This vision of “perfection” that has been long established across many pockets of the all-encompassing Beauty Industry played a huge role in my own relationship with my skin. Growing up I observed models with “perfect skin” in magazines, product marketing, adverts, television (literally everywhere I guess?), miracle-creams marketed for the skin condition I have (acne) where the models had clear skin, their pores were airbrushed away. Most of all, they looked happy, confident and comfortable in their skin. I spent many hours, pounds and an immeasurable amount of energy trying to replicate that vision of “perfection”.

At times I resented my skin, the beautiful canvas my body has been given, for “what it put me through”. My acne was most prominent across my face, back and chest and it completely ruled my life. It dictated what I wore, how much make-up I put on, why I was even putting make-up on in the first place (I used make-up as a mask!), things I did or didn’t do, and how I felt about myself. I didn’t feel “pretty”, or comfortable in my skin and it severely impacted my confidence over the years.

Beginning to infuse my life with skin positivity started slowly, it was subtle shifts and changes in my mindset, habits and thoughts that ultimately helped me turn a corner in my journey with my skin. I always credit 2 main catalysts to these changes, my relationship with my husband and my spiritual journey. I credit my husband because he has always loved me for who I am at my core, regardless of what I perceived as “flaws”, and over the years he has truly helped me to see myself through his eyes. I found that the more I took in his perspective, the kinder I started to be to myself. So if you have just 2 minutes to spare today, think of someone in your life who truly loves & adores you, a partner, a friend, a child, whoever it is… and begin to picture yourself through their eyes… observe the many, many reasons that they love you, for who you are right in this moment, and focus on feeling that love for yourself for just a few minutes. I get this may seem weird at first, but I promise when you make even just a small amount of time to intentionally show yourself some love, compassion and kindness, great things will begin to happen!

If you have just 2 minutes to spare today, think of someone in your life who truly loves & adores you, a partner, a friend, a child, whoever it is… and begin to picture yourself through their eyes

My spiritual journey has played a big role too, the more I’ve delved into spirituality and personal development, the more they have taught me to lean more and more into being my authentic self, which has allowed me to slowly become comfortable with stripping away the masks and ideas of what I “should” look like and be, and to start to truly appreciate the woman in the mirror. Another great habit I got into was looking at myself in the mirror, and really focusing on the things that I liked about myself, my body and my skin. I would say them out loud, literally tell my body I liked them or that they were nice. I would practice this whenever I felt I was going off track, and I found that over time there were more and more things for me to list when I looked in the mirror, as I was finally seeing myself with love.

As I said before, this is a journey. One I am very much still on, and always will be. I have days where I feel super confident and great in my skin, and days where I feel not-so-great or confident. On the harder days, I focus on treating myself with kindness, and remind myself that the journey is on-going, and days like these are to be expected. But no matter what, I treat and speak to myself and my skin with love, understanding and kindness. It’s all just part of embracing being human. The small acts of accepting each part of you, bit by bit, and making a conscious effort to become a person who loves and embraces themselves, as they are, is how you infuse your life with skin positivity. It’s not a lifestyle or mindset overhaul, it’s small changes, tiny steps, and kinder thoughts that take us down a path of self-acceptance, self-love and inner confidence.

If you ever find yourself struggling with skin confidence, I urge you to try some of these suggestions.

Remember to take it as it comes, and always approach yourself with love & compassion.



Rebecca is the founder and genius behind the brand Temple De Luna. She created the products initially to help her own skin journey but has had such success that she turned her personal journey into a professional one! And here at Greener Beauty HQ we are so grateful that she has, we love her range!

You can browse the range from Temple De Luna here. 



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  1. Moose

    What a beautiful article. So honest and quite frankly, so inspiring. Not just from a skin perspective, from a ‘life’ perspective!


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