How to Wear Dark Lipsticks this Autumn

Dark lipstick is a perfect choice for fall because it’s as versatile as it is striking. Whether you want to add a little colour to your look or go full-on gothic, there’s nothing quite like the drama of dark lipstick. But, if you’re not sure how to rock that crimson or deep purple lip colour this season, we’ve got some tips for making it work for any occasion.

Dark Lipstick is the perfect choice for Autumn

Dark lipstick is a perfect choice for Autumn because it’s as versatile as it is striking. You can wear your dark lipstick with any look you choose, from the most classic to the most daring. It’s an excellent way to add some drama and spice to an outfit without going overboard—you don’t want anything too over-the-top this time of year!

Berry shades are always big in the Autumn

Berry shades are always big in the Autumn. They’re a great way to get that dark lip look without going too dark, and they’re flattering on most skin tones. Plus, they look good on their own or with other makeup looks!

Lip Pencil is your best friend when it comes to Dark Lipsticks

When you wear dark lipstick, a lip pencil can help keep your look in place. It can also help create a more defined shape and fill in any gaps or cracks. Lip pencil is also great for hiding any lines or wrinkles around your mouth. If you have dry skin, this will make your colour appear more vibrant and fresh looking.

If you choose to apply lip liner before applying lipstick, remember that it should be a close match to the shade of lipstick you are wearing or slightly lighter than it (unless otherwise instructed by the brand). You don’t want the liner to be too light because then it won’t do much for defining your lips; however, if it’s too dark it will make them look off-balance with the rest of your face when combined with the rest of makeup products used throughout other areas such as eyeshadow palettes and concealer sticks.

Be Sure to Moisturise Well!

Moisturising lips before applying dark lipstick is a must. Not only will it help the colour go on more smoothly, but it’ll also protect your lips from dryness and flaking. To avoid a dry and chapped mess, use a lip balm before you apply your lipstick. This will keep them soft and hydrated so they’re not cracking and peeling throughout the day!

Keep the rest of your makeup simple

If you’re trying to make a statement with your dark lip, keep the rest of your makeup simple. A dark lip liner will help draw attention to your lips and give them definition. Choose one that’s similar in shade or darker than the colour of your lipstick, so it really stands out against it. Also, if you choose a matte finish lipstick (which I highly recommend), then use a light eye shadow and blush for definition—not too much product! This will prevent you from looking like a raccoon after hours spent out in the cold. If you do decide to go with highlighter, opt for something more subtle than usual; otherwise it could look like eye shadow on top of your lids instead of natural-looking luminescence that shines though from within.


You can always add more!

Remember, you can always add more! If you’re not sure about the colour or want to try layering different shades together, start with a lighter shade first. You can always add a darker hue on top.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll find yourself slicking on dark lipstick with ease this Autumn!

You can always add more! If you’re not sure about a colour, try it out with a lip pencil first. A good way to test out a new hue is by using the pencil on your lips and see how much of the colour you want to wear. The pencil also acts as an outline for where the lipstick will go, which can be helpful if you’re nervous about getting messy while applying it.

Along those lines: if your dark lip looks too bold, keep everything else simple. Don’t go crazy with eye makeup or dramatic contouring—keep things fresh and light so that people notice your lips rather than getting distracted by other aspects of your face (or body).

I hope you found this post on how to wear dark lipsticks this Autumn helpful in your search for the perfect dark lipstick. Remember, if you don’t find a colour that feels right, try another one! It’s easy to get caught up in trends and want to wear what everyone else is wearing but at the end of the day, it’s about what looks good on YOU! Just remember: when it comes down to choosing your lip colour, always choose quality over quantity (it will last longer).


Pin it How to Wear Dark Lipsticks this Autumn
Pin it How to Wear Dark Lipsticks this Autumn
Pin it How to Wear Dark Lipsticks this Autumn

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