How to Make Your Own Natural Vegan Hair Treatments!

I am sure we are all experiencing the same hair challenges at the moment with the weather going from really hot and drying to wet and causing hair fuzz! So I thought this would be the perfect time to share some of my favourite recipes to make your own natural vegan hair treatments at home.



The best oil for the hair is really argan oil. Not only does it make your hair look super shiny but it also penetrates the hair and conditions inside out. It also promotes hair growth and encourages thick luscious healthy hair.

To use argan oil as a hair mask it is so simple. Pop a few drops on your hands and run this through your dry hair from root to tip. For my shoulder length hair I only need between 6 and 8 drops, and that is a lot, so use sparingly! A little argan oil goes a long way. I use my fingers to really comb through my hair with the aim of getting oil on every strand of hair. I then pop on a shower cap to encourage heat and leave on for at least half an hour before rinsing. If I feel like I need a really deep condition I would add the shower cap for as long as possible before taking it off and sleeping with the argan oil on my hair. Rinse well and wash hair with your normal shampoo and conditioner.

However argan oil is not commonly found in most households so I have used it as an option only in the recipes below. And if you do have any at home it can also be really beneficial to use on your nails and on your face!


This mask is really good to help hydrate and moisturise the hair after being out in the sun all day. The mask will work wonders on your hair texture and is especially good on colour treated hair. It’s not just good for your hair though, this blend is also super nourishing for the scalp as well. This will leave your scalp moisturised and your hair silky soft, shiny and revitalised!

2 tbsp avocado oil

2 tbsp coconut oil

10 drops of basil, rosemary or clary sage essential oil

Combine all the ingredients and mix well. Apply the blend to clean dry hair from root to tip using your fingers. If you have long hair this recipe will give you 1 treatment, however if you have short hair start by using small amounts as you will probably only need half. Comb through your  hair with the aim of getting oil evenly coated on every strand of hair. Pop on a warm towel (from a towel radiator would do the trick) or a shower cap and leave this treatment on your hair for 30 minutes.


I love the beach and when I am on a diving holiday my hair tends to do its own thing of looking a cross between mermaid tresses (when wet) and a beach wave when dry. I love letting my hair do its own thing and the salt in the sea gives my hair a gorgeous curl! This recipe will have the same effect as if you are on a scuba holiday with me in the red sea! It will leave your hair with gorgeous waves with lots of volume and texture. I make this recipe up in a spray bottle for easy application.

180ml warm water

1 tbsp sea salt

1 tbsp Himalayan pink salt

1 tbsp argan, avocado or coconut oil

2 x 3 drops of essential oil

This is really up to you what blend you use and what fragrance you prefer. I tend to use a citronella with a citrus blend as that also helps keep mosquitoes at bay! I normally use bergamot, lime or lemon with it but occasionally eucalyptus or tea tree. Rose Geranium and Lavender would also work well if you prefer florals.

Add all the ingredients into your spray bottle and give it a really good shake with the lid on to combine all the ingredients.

It really is that simple! When you are ready to use, spray liberally all over hair and give it a good scrunch. It works best when applied to clean wet hair and left to dry naturally.


Ideal for use before or after a day at the beach

This blend really helps to protect your hair from any harsh chemicals found in a swimming pool or to just protect and condition your hair before a day in the sun. Similar to the salt spray I would make this blend in a spray bottle making it easier to apply before getting in the water.

60ml Apple Cider Vinegar

180ml Warm Water

Pop the two ingredients in the spray bottle and shake well to mix it up well. If you are not that keen on the fragrance of the vinegar add a blend of essential oils to give this conditioner your preferred fragrance.

These are really good options for a homemade hair treatment. The only ones I frequently make myself is the salt spray and the pre-swimming conditioner and that is because I am struggling to find a decent one that is not packed full of all sorts of chemicals or too expensive. I use the Giovanni Hot Oil treatment if my hair is in need of a bit of love as they have blended the oils and ingredients to create the perfect repairing hair mask.

Have fun making your own hair treatments. If you need any essential oils don’t forget we sell a range of the most popular ones from Tisserand.

Vic x


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