How to have a very Merry Vegan Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches I thought I would share some top tips on how to have a stress free vegan Christmas. I have been speaking to some amazing fellow vegan businesses and vegans in Brighton about their best tips.

For me I genuinely feel very blessed as since I went vegan as more and more of my family have gone vegan also. I have a big immediate family with 3 sisters, 3 brothers in law and 8 nephews and nieces and now the number of veggies and vegans massively outweighs the meat eaters. As a result everything on our Christmas table is vegan friendly. But I know this isn’t the experience of most vegans. This is why I wanted to put together this blog filled with tips to make it your most stress free enjoyable vegan Christmas ever!

For me the biggest tip I can give is to

do what you feel comfortable with.

If you don’t want to sit at a table with a turkey in front of you say it (politely of course) and see if it can be kept away from your eyes. Or of course if you don’t want to see it at all you have a choice not to go. Create your own Christmas with your own new traditions with compassion at its centre.

If you do want to celebrate with friends and family there are definitely some things you can do before hand to ensure that everything goes smoothly.


Do the cooking!

This is such a good tip from Georgia from Soulshine Digital, this is the easiest way to ensure that all the cooking really is vegan friendly with no mistakes!

“My favourite tip for managing the festive season when you’re vegan is to simply take control of all the food! I love to invite all my family over, let them know I’ll take care of all the foodie bits so they don’t need to bring anything… then I go all out and serve everyone an amazing vegan Christmas Dinner. It’s a great way to peacefully make a change, keep everyone happy with delicious food and everyone appreciates that you’ve done all the hard work for the day too! It’s a fun way to keep the meat off everyone else’s plates without the arguments.

Soulshine Digital

Food can be made inclusive (ie. stuff everyone can eat)

I love this tip from Kelz who runs the Pixal Rose Vegan Hair Salon in Swindon. Doesn’t her mum sound amazing!

“Christmas is usually hosted at my Mum’s house. She’s gotten really great at cooking vegan for us. We tend to find out where she’s shopping and then give her advice on vegan treats she can get from each shop (as she’s a generous host and won’t let us bring our own). It also helps by reminding the host that food that can be made inclusive (ie. stuff everyone can eat) such as the gravy, veggies and roasties. There’s also ways to veganise deserts (by switching the butter used). It saves the host from having to make more than one of everything if they’re not having a meat free Christmas dinner but also makes it super easy to accommodate the cruelty free guests whilst saving animals.”

Make at least double the food you would usually eat.

Lizzi who runs the vegan jewellery company Harriett & Evelynn shared this very valid point!

“If you are eating with non vegans, make at least double the food you would usually eat. Many of them will want to try some of your food (even if they’re complaining about it all) on top of what they already have. They then have extra and if you’re not careful you’re left hungry!”

Harriett & Evelynn on Instagram

Karin Ridgers who runs Veggie Vision TV went on to add:

It’s about communication in advance

“I was also told by someone that they arrived late to a family and friends party a few years ago – and all of the vegan food had been scoffed by non vegans – and left her with NOTHING! So never be late!!! ?

Karin went on to add:

“I always say it’s about communication and in advance…. Not around the dinner table!”

Veggie Vision

It can feel a bit stale & old to copy traditional Xmas food. 

I love this idea from Rhian in Brighton who shared how they make an alternative Christmas:

“I think sometimes it can feel a bit stale & old to try to copy traditional Xmas food in a vegan way…. Last year we ate Asian & Italian food & it was so refreshing.”

Fran from Melbourne also shared this point of view:

“We always have a xmas themed curry and sides. Easy make on the day and everyone’s happy !”

With gravy if in doubt bring your own

John made a very helpful point:

“If a non-vegans doing the cooking, make sure you remind them that you can’t have meat stock in gravy and veg with animal fats. If in doubt bring your own.”


Practice Assertiveness & healthy boundaries

Sally who runs therapy for vegans added:

“Vegan counsellor here as already mentioned, communication in advance is important. For me, practising assertiveness, healthy boundaries and the ability to self soothe if needed is also key, depending on attitudes of others.”

Therapy for Vegans

We don’t have to do it

Chloe who runs Materialise Interiors, a vegan friendly interior designer shared:

“I liked it years ago when a friend mentioned about just not going to the work Christmas lunch because they wanted to remove themselves from watching everyone eat animals. I know it’s so simple but it helped me to hear that. We don’t have to do it!”

Materialise Interiors

Such amazing tips.

Do you have any tips that you would add?


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