How to get a good nights sleep in a heatwave

A guest blog from the team at Tisserand.


Who else has taken residence by a fan with a plate of ice to cool yourself and surviving off iced drinks? We know we all are here at Tisserand Aromatherapy.

With the UK experiencing crazily high temperatures this week, many of us are spending the nights wrestling with our sheets and struggling to get a good night’s sleep. Luckily, there are ways to keep cool and beat the bedtime heat.

In this article, we’ll look at ways to help you get a good nights sleep no matter how hot it gets.

Before Bed

Cooling Shower

Cool off from the day with a cold-water shower.

Not Whim Hoff ready for the cold? Apply cool cloths evenly to your body instead.

Bonus tip: Use Sleep Better Bath & Shower Wash to make your bedtime wash both refreshing and relaxing.

Keep the Blinds Closed

During the day, keep your blinds and curtains closed to stop the sun from heating your rooms (and especially your bedroom)– no one wants to sleep in greenhouse heat!

Bonus tip: keep your windows closed during the day, especially on the sunny side of your home, but open them before bed to let a breeze through.

In Bed

Ditch the Duvet

Take the bedding off completely, if you feel you need a cover, keep on just the sheet.

Feel free to leave your feet sticking out to cool down the whole body.

Bonus tip: Give your sheets a spritz of Sleep Better Pillow Mist to help you unwind.

Use a Fan

Who isn’t a fan of fans at the moment? Place one by your bed to create a cooling breeze.

Bonus tip: Put a tray of ice cubes in front of your fan to cool the air blown around the room.

Consistency Is Key

Stick to your routine

Changing your routine when the weather heats up can be tempting, but that will only confuse your already established sleep-wake pattern. Try as best you can to avoid afternoon naps (unless your sleep is really suffering!) and stick to your usual morning and night-time routine.

Bonus tip: Pulse point roller balls are the perfect way to prep your mind for rest using aromatherapy. In the Tisserand Little Box of Sleep, you’ll find 3 blends designed for a sleep routine (whatever the weather!). Breathe Deep can help you switch off from the day, True Comfort invites relaxation, and Sleep Better will help you drift off.


We hope you find these tips helpful and if there are any other tips you swear by we’d love to hear them in the comments.

This was a Guest blog from Tisserand.

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Pin it How to get a good nights sleep in a heatwave
Pin it How to get a good nights sleep in a heatwave
Pin it How to get a good nights sleep in a heatwave

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