How to Create Perfect Wings!

We are very frequently asked about how to create the perfect wings. I have seen lots of suggestions online of using spoons and other tools to draw round but to me this just honestly sounds super awkward!

I personally think that makeup should be used to accentuate your best feature and everyone’s face shape is slightly different. So I think wings should be shaped according to your face shape and angled up to really open up your eyes. So these are my top tips on how to do wings and how to get them to last all day!

The ideal wings are angled up towards the edge of your eyebrows to lift and shape your eyes. If your wings are not angled upwards it has the effect of dragging your eyes down, which lets be honest is not a good look or the effect anyone is looking for!

Liquid eyeliner works better than a pencil, just because you can be much more precise and sharper line.

Cotton wool buds are your best friend when creating wings, keep them close by to tidy up any mistakes. Obviously make sure your cotton buds are plastic free and are made from bamboo or cotton!


Cotton wool buds
Liquid Eyeliner
White Pencil
Translucent Powder
Any other makeup you may want to wear with your wings



To get the best long lasting wear out of your makeup be sure to use a primer and when it comes to your eyes an eye primer or base. Apply your foundation. Apply any eyeshadow you would like to wear with your look. To seal this in and ensure that you don’t smudge it while applying your eyeliner apply a light dusting of translucent powder. Blend in well. Your translucent powder should not be visible at all or change the colour of your eye makeup, if it does you have either applied too much or not blended it in enough.



Start by drawing a faint line with your white pencil that connects the outer of your eyes with the edge of your eyebrows. Try and keep this as straight as possible. It does not need to be as bold as in the picture below but this gives you a fair idea


Get your liquid eye liner and start with small, short strokes starting at the inner of the eye. With one eye open work on your closed eye lid and get the eye liner as close to your natural lash line as you can. Using short and small strokes work to the outer eye. Your eyeliner should increase in size gradually as it works towards the outer. Once you have got a thickness you are happy with repeat on the other eye. This is currently only on your top eyelid with no wings yet. The reason I suggest doing short and small strokes as it is much easier to correct any mistakes. If you do make a mistake this is where the cotton wool buds come in handy! You can use these to precisely remove any eye liner that you are not happy with.



Use the same eyeliner to work under your eye, again as close to the lash line from the centre of your iris to the outer edge. Keep this eyeliner much thinner than the top eyeliner.



Now you are ready to add your wings! Using the white line that you drew from the edge of your eye up towards your eyebrow start by adding a thin stroke going from your under eye liner towards your eyebrow. You can make this as long or as short as you want depending on how dramatic a look you want. You now have your base line! To add thickness to this line start to fill from the top adding the desired thickness that thins out towards the edge.


To help keep this in place longer I leave my eyeliner to dry for a few minutes before applying a coat of translucent powder on top. Apply mascara after as the final step.



You can use eyeshadow instead of an eyeliner to create wings which will give a much softer look. The shape should be similar and around the wings use a shading brush to blend it out.

I have seen some suggestions online of using tape to use to mark out the wing line. This is a much better idea than a spoon for sure! Just place the tape as close to your lash line underneath your eyes and angle the other end towards the end of your brows.

Another tip I see frequently is using dots to start with and joining these dots up together.



Using your brows for knowing the angle of your wing depends on your brows being correctly shaped and mapped according to your face shape. If you need advice on how to do this we have another blog coming soon! Watch this space.


If this blog has inspired you you can check out all of our cruelty free, vegan, natural Eye Makeup here!


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