Greener Beauty Black Friday to Giving Tuesday

Here at Greener Beauty we don’t really believe in Black Friday to Cyber Monday deals. We find the whole weekend is just commercial overload with people fighting to get deals for products they don’t need and showing little respect or care for their fellow shoppers. In addition to this over these few days shoppers are expected to spend around £10 billion and this encouraged spending on unnecessary ‘bargains’ is exactly the kind of over consumption that is damaging our beloved planet.

We definitely do not want to be a part of this hype, so it is for this reason we have decided to run our black Friday weekend ‘sale’ a bit differently.

All orders placed online between Friday 29th November and the end of Tuesday 3rd December we will donate 25% of profits between Animal Justice Project and Hugletts Animal Sanctuary.

In addition to this we are going to plant five trees per order instead of the normal one to help negate the carbon footprint of this materialistic weekend.

You can read more about our two chosen charities here.


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