Green Beauty Round Up October 2019

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Greener Beauty Products of the Week!



If you have met me, you will know that I am not shy with the makeup! I love spending time on my makeup, getting different looks with different colour palettes depending on the occasion. Getting said makeup off is certainly less fun!

However, I started using a Ditsy Cloth at the beginning of the year to test it for Greener Beauty to retail and I haven’t stopped! I love it! Its like a little bit like a magic makeup eraser, you just add water to the cloth and it takes off all makeup, even waterproof mascara. And the best bit is you just pop in the washing machine and it comes out like new! Mine still feels so gorgeous and soft when it is clean and dry!

I am often asked how often I wash mine. I use the blue one so I can see where I have used and will rotate it round during the course of a week. Once a week when I do a low temp dark wash I just pop it in that. I would recommend that you get a coloured one for this reason, so that you can see where you have used it!

Available in 3 colours; blue, pink and black for £12.50.

No face wipes, no cotton wool pads, just a magic Ditsy Cloth.

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It can be hard making the switch to a vegan, cruelty free and plastic free toothpaste especially if you have sensitive teeth. There are lots of vegan friendly toothpastes out there but so few suitable for sensitive teeth.

Ben and Anna brought out this sensitive toothpaste approximately 6 months ago and it has quickly become a firm favourite with me. Packaged in a glass jar with an aluminium lid and in a cardboard box, all the packaging is fully recyclable.

The actual toothpaste has the consistency of a traditional toothpaste found in a squeezy tube and with the same fresh mint smell. It comes with a bamboo spatula to get the toothpaste from the jar to your toothbrush. After use it leaves my mouth feeling fresh and clean.

For me this is the best plastic free toothpaste around.

Ben and Anna Sensitive Toothpaste is £8.95 for 100 ml.

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We started stocking this incredibly fragrant range of shampoo and conditioner bars as we received a number of customer requests to do so.

They have proven to be a really popular shampoo bar with anyone who has tried them and are quickly becoming our best selling shampoo bar.

They have a PH of 6 so you don’t need to use any additional rinses, just the shampoo & conditioner bar!

We frequently hear the following comments from anyone who has tried these bars; shiny, soft, feels super healthy, glossy, very satisfying bubbles for an SLS free bar, smooth and looks healthy. Its a pretty impressive list of comments!

Currently available in 6 fragrances (although we are awaiting the final two this week) and can be purchased with or without an aluminium travel tin. Being a shampoo bar it lasts a lot longer than a traditional bottle of shampoo.

My favourite is currently the Banana Custard, it reminds me of those foam banana sweets of my childhood. While Katie is currently loving the Cuban Mojito.

Strawberry Moon Shampoo and Conditioner bars are £8 or £10 with an aluminium tin for storage or travel

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Greener Beauty New Products of the Week!


We tested a LOT of different ranges of bath bombs to find not only the cleanest, the best and the most fun but in doing so we also found a really affordable range!

I am literally in love with the sleeping unicorn, the colours it creates is just amazing! And none of these bath bombs leave a horrible grainy layer on the bottom of your bath. So you can just lie back and enjoy the amazing colours and beautiful fragrances comfortably!

These bath bombs are wrapped in sugar cane plastic to and are 100% recyclable. If you would rather we removed the plastic film before we send it to you just mention it in the order notes and we will send it out in tissue paper.

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If you saw us at London Vegfest you might have noticed our new product range that we are launching just in time for Autumn. At this time of year when the heating goes on and we are constantly moving between cold and artificially warm environments, our skin can become dry.

We have been having great fun testing this new product range and its a range that is massively going to help with this problem! In fact Monday night after spending 3 days in London Olympia for Vegfest I used the Coconut Oil sheet mask to give my skin a hydration boost and it did just the trick!

These cotton face masks are available in 10 different fragrances and of course these all have different benefits to your skin. We even have one specifically designed for the men in your life!

My favourite mask is between the CBD, pumpkin and Coconut oil (its a difficult choice!) while Katie’s mask of choice is the Rose!

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Have you seen the Christmas Gift boxes that we have put together?

I designed each one for a member of my family thinking of what they would really like in a gift box.

Melanie’s Luxury Make up box is influenced by my sister who loves makeup as much as I do! Playing with a wide range of colours and the latest looks this gift box provides hours of fun.

Dimity’s dream is inspired by my mother, she loves floral fragrances, especially lavender and is always running around taking care of everyone else. This gift box gives her a luxurious time out for herself.

Tiffany’s time out is inspired by my sister, she is a mother to two young boys and is trying to look after her family while also having a career. This is a plastic free gift box to give her some much needed time out for herself. Don’t we all know someone like that!

The Gentleman’s gift box is for all the men in our lives, they often don’t like to admit that they use anything other than deodorant but behind closed doors we know they will love this gift box, especially the CBD infused cotton face mask!

BoBo’s Bath Fun gift box is for all the younger ones who love having some play time in the bath. Featuring one of the Unique creations rainbow waffles bath bomb we know this will go down a treat!

Finally we have Baby bundle which is a selection of bath products especially for the youngest of babies. Products that are especially suited for gentle baby skin.

All gift boxes are 10% cheaper than if the items were purchased separately. They are packaged in a reusable cardboard box (Brown so no bleach is used in manufacture) with our gorgeous branded ribbon. All packaging inside the box is our typical plastic free.

All these gift boxes are available now at Greener Beauty. They are a limited edition which all contain a gift voucher of £5 off a £30 spend.

If you order one of these boxes before the 14th November you will get a £10 voucher off a £30 spend!

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Greener Beauty Brands in the Spotlight!


White Rabbit Skincare is a luxury vegan skincare company, based in Kilmarnock, Scotland. Their Founder, Melanie, is deeply passionate about natural products, the environment and animal welfare.

Motivated by these values Melanie set up White Rabbit to provide consumers with a natural, vegan choice when it came to their skincare, in the hope of promoting a healthier, greener way of life.

All the White Rabbit products are made exclusively by hand in small batches to ensure freshness and quality. Harnessing the therapeutic aspect of essential oils, base oils, butters and waxes, each of our products help to nourish and nurture your skin.

They never include animal-derived ingredients (such as beeswax) or any toxic chemicals such as Parabens, SLS, Silicones, Mineral oils or derivatives of petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, or ingredients containing EDTA, or Phthalates, and none of our products or the ingredients used in them are tested on animals – or ever will be.

The range currently has 25% off while stocks last.

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Giovanni was the first full-range, salon-inspired hair-care brand in natural product stores. Today the range is the #1 selling Hair Care line in the United States Natural Products Industry.

Giovanni is the brain child of a professional hair stylist based in Beverly Hills, California, USA. Celebrating their amazing 40th anniversary this year they were established in 1979.

To Giovanni, innovation was not only creating a chic alternative. It was also offering the natural consumer a world of sophistication that had never before been seen in the natural channel. Giovanni erased the lines between natural and professional hair-care and offered the consumer complete hair care solutions. No longer were the natural retail shelves lined only with blasé shampoos and conditioners. Giovanni brought new life to the category by introducing natural styling aids, hair treatments, hair re-constructors, setting lotions and the like. Consumers could now choose from a plethora of hair spray, leave-in conditioners, vitamin hair treatments and hair re-constructors to achieve their unique look and style without substituting for unnatural alternatives.

For me personally this is the best range of natural hair care I have ever used. I love so much of it that it is hard to narrow down to one product. I regularly use the hot oil treatment over night (I get approx. 9 treatments in one sachet), the frizz ease balm, the frizz ease serum, the repairing shampoo and frizz ease conditioner. My hair has never felt so good!

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I literally love the Ethos and manufacturing methods of FRUU and that is partly why they are the featured brand this week. The other reason being that they are a lovely nourishing range of lip balms!

FRUU contain ingredients that are derived from fruit by-products, they turn fruit unwanted by supermarkets into these gorgeous lip balms. In many ways you could view this range as a way of reducing waste as this fruit would otherwise be thrown away. In doing so they are also providing a vital extra revenue for small fruit farmers.

Each of the lip balms incorporate over 70% fruit based ingredients so they are truly fruity, natural and sustainable.

All of the range are made is small batches in the FRUU.. workshop to ensure that they are as fresh as possible.

The Ethos at FRUU HQ is ‘If you cant afford to buy it, its not sustainable’ so as a result they strive to use the most responsibly sourced ingredients possible and offer guilt free sustainable living at a most affordable price.

I had great fun picking out the original fragrances that we stock but they have proved so popular that we now stock the whole range of lip balms and tinted lip balms.

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