Green Beauty Round Up June 2020

The full round up of all our favourite ethical vegan and clean beauty products for June 2020! Don’t forget if you sign up to our monthly newsletter you will get exclusive discounts for all the products featured in our beauty round up every month!!

Products of the Week!



I always have a bottle of this Dr Bronner’s liquid soap on me. It’s so versatile and it smells amazing!

Personally I don’t like using soap in bathrooms when I am out and about, partly because I don’t always know whats in them. And also partly because I DO know whats in them, most will definitely have parabens and SLS in! So I keep the small bottle in my bag and refill it when its empty.

But this castile soap isn’t just a soap, it is so versatile and can be used for washing hands, body, hair, for shaving, clearing congestion & in the bath. It even has uses around the house from washing dishes, cleaning clothes and moping the floor. You can even use it for washing the dog. ?

What is more versatile than that! We have compiled a full list of everything that this soap can be used for, have a look at the product listing and open the tab ‘How to use’ and you will see full instructions there. ?

We sell it in two sizes, 237ml and 60ml

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This week is National Aromatherapy week. So it’s only right that we featured some aromatherapy products for our product of the week. And seeing that we are all living in a different world I am sure what so many of us is dreaming of is paradise.

I know for me I am watching so many marine life documentaries, literally all my dreams at the moment are of white sandy beaches, turquoise seas and diving all day on coral reefs. ???? Honestly it’s bliss, hammerheads over head, dolphins playing around me and a bustling coral reef with all the inhabitants going about their daily life. And then I open my eyes!

The Paradise range from Tisserand contains a tropical blend of jasmine, grapefruit and mandarin. If I close my eyes that little bit longer and use one of this range I am so close to where I long to be! Getting my scuba kit ready for a dive.

Who wouldn’t want to be whisked away to a desert island right now! ?

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Who else loves a super moisturising face cream?

When we were trialling the range from Ethically Organic I had the pleasure of testing this Radiance Glow Face Souffle.

As soon as I had used it once I knew I loved this product! And a year later this has not changed. ?

This nourishing souffle has a gorgeous consistency that is light and airy with a pleasurable almost snow like crunch between your fingers. Yet unlike snow as soon as I’ve applied it my skin feels instantly better.

Nourishing enough to use at night but not too heavy to use during the day under makeup! If you want to only have one face cream in your bathroom cabinet I can 100% recommend this one from Ethically Organic.

This Radiance Face Souffle is also available in an anti-ageing and unfragranced option.

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New Products!


The range is called Cocoon and is halfway between a lipstick and a lip balm. It easily glides onto your lips with ease due to its rich texture from a organic pomegranate and shea butter base.

And of course like the rest of the Zao range, it is refillable!

Available now from Greener Beauty in 4 gorgeous shades.

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Honey Bunny Lashes are a vegan company making stunning false lashes. So unlike most companies who make false lashes you wont find this brand also making mink fur lashes. Gross to think that is what a lot of false lashes are made from!

These lashes are great, they are made to replicate the look of fur, so have tapered ends of each hair instead of flat ends and they are stacked and layered in a criss cross fashion giving a more realistic false lash.

And if you struggle to put lashes on in the range is this super helpful lash applicator which will help you get those lashes close to your natural lash line.

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We all love animals from the largest right down to the smallest, but that doesn’t mean that we want flies buzzing around us while we are trying to eat alfresco!

This is exactly what the Harpers Candle Shoo Fly was made for! With a blend of citronella and red fruits use on the garden table and keep those flies away while you eat your vegan burger in peace. ??

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We had so much lovely feedback about our gift boxes that we have now started selling these so empty so that you can create your own gift box!

Add one of these to your basket and tell us which items you would like in the gift box and we can package it all up in our usual packaging and send it out for you.

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Brands in the Spotlight!



This weeks featured brand is Faby, an Italian brand started by the Viale family. The brand is named after the family’s mother, Fabiana.

Faby have been creating nail polishes for 30 years and in Italy have been paving the way for clean nail polishes free of all those nail polish harmful ingredients. The range of nail polishes are free of the big 5 and their nature range which is made from 87% natural ingredients. derived from wood pulp, cotton, maize, cassava and other raw vegetable materials are 10 free.

Some incredible colours available, check them out today!

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It looks like festivals are off this year, this will be the first year I haven’t been to a festival in about 9 years, very odd! But it doesn’t mean that we cant recreate that festival vibe at home!

And you cant create a festival vibe without glitter!

Or bio-glitter to be more specific.

Glitter is made from tiny pieces of plastic that are around for ever. Bio-glitter is made from plants and is biodegradable.

It is literally the glitter without the litter!

EcoStarDust are a British brand based near Bristol who’s main mission is to spread awareness of environmental issues with eco glitter!

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Vegan Pure produce hand-poured candles made with pure essential oils in East Sussex. Each is blended to help combat specific problems such as stress, headaches & insomnia. Containing only natural ingredients: soy wax, pure essential oils and a cotton wick.

Whatever your challenge; not enough sleep, headaches, bad PMT or if you just want some you time, there is an aromatherapy blend candle just for you.

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