Green Beauty Round Up July 2020

The full round up of all our favourite ethical vegan and clean beauty products for July 2020! Don’t forget if you sign up to our monthly newsletter you will get exclusive discounts for all the products featured in our beauty round up every month!!

Products in the Spotlight!



In a world where covid doesn’t exist, my weekends would involve packing up my campervan and filling the fridge to enjoy some festivals!

As this is not happening this year I am not going to mope about and instead I am going to recreate a mini glasto at home in my garden. ?

Ok my budget doesn’t quite stretch to Foo Fighters or Dua Lipa but I do have a good stereo, lots of limes and mint for my Mojitos, some gold bio-glitter and our best selling sun spray from Alba Botanica which is good even for my sensitive skin.

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Who else dreams of a different summer? ?

If you are like me, you are dreaming of white sandy beaches, warm clear water and incredible marine life! ??????

Well just because our holidays are currently on hold does not meant that our holiday tans need to also be on hold!

We have a wide variety of fake tanning products, lots of which are organic, all of them are of course vegan, cruelty free and clean of harmful ingredients.

Including this one from Green People which I have never had streaks with, it doesn’t have that horrible biscuit smell and I get great results every time!

If you decide to go for one, just make sure you exfoliate 24 hours beforehand!

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If you know me or have been following Greener Beauty for a while you will know that I am an advocate of Tony Robbins events have been to quite a few of them in the last few years.

Well this is the product that gets me through those very long days! Tony is an advocate of immersion so his events are run over very long days normally starting at around 7:30am and going on as late as 1am.

During these days I eat very cleanly and no carbs which has a massive impact on my energy levels and my ability to keep going.

I also always make sure to take with me this set from Tisserand, the little box of motivation. Containing three essential oil blends:

? Find Focus – for that point mid afternoon where you are struggling to focus on everything.
? Energy High – Where for me on day 4 I am beginning to feel like I could sleep for a week this blend just lifts me up!
? Stay Positive – To be positive, believe and never give up! This was so important for me just before the Fire-walk, I mean who would be crazy to walk on burning coals? ?? Me that’s who after using this blend! ?

They are super simple to use, just roll on your pulse points and enjoy (wrists and behind your ears). If I want a super hit I put my wrists together bring up to my nose and deeply inhale! Heaven!

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Do you love Faith in Nature as much as we do? ❤️??????

These amazing soaps not only smell magnificent but they are also super nourishing with a wide range of fragrances.

If that wasn’t good enough they are also plastic free too!

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Pucker up lovelies! ? No one wants to kiss a succulent so keep your lips soft and kissable using a lip scrub frequently and a lip balm as often as desired.

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New Products!


By now I am sure you all realise how much I love to colour my hair, ideally with lots of bright colours with possibly just a little blue and/ or teal. ??????

A lot of the high street brands aren’t vegan and cruelty free and also include ingredients like parabens so for me they would be a big no no.

So you can imagine how excited I was to discover a new range of bright hair colours that are everything I look for; vegan, cruelty free and clean! ?

As soon as they were released I quickly got my box to test and I have to tell you that I was very impressed. The colour came out super bold, as the name suggests and it lasted really well! ?

I am so happy to now be introducing the Bold range from Tints of Nature. We even stock the Pasteliser if you want to make one of the bold colours pastel. ?

If you haven’t used this range of hair dyes before.. Tints of Nature are a British brand. They also make a vegan friendly salon professional range called Organic Colour Systems. Great company and a great range of colours that we love here at Greener Beauty HQ.

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Are you struggling to find anti-bacterial products that are kind to your hands?

Eco By Sonya Organic Hand & Nail Cream is a beautiful certified organic, naturally antibacterial hand & nail cream designed to replenish and retain moisture to your skin. Non greasy, super absorbent & made using only the kindest organic and natural botanical active ingredients that are known to soothe, hydrate & help restore rough, dry and stressed skin.

Order now and use the code Australia10 to get 10% off the whole Eco By Sonya range!

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I know finding affordable vegan, cruelty free and clean men’s products can be challenging.

For this reason I am excited to be telling you that we are now selling the range from Benecos ‘For Men’. ?

This award winning range includes a shaving cream, beard oil, after shave balm, deodorant spray, body wash and a shaving brush. The majority of the range is priced between £5.95 and £6.95 and it has gone down so positively with our testers.

Not bad for an Organic men’s range.

Yes Organic! ?

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We now have 3 new bath bombs from the talented Elena at Unique Creations.

Made with essential oils these fragrant bath bombs have different benefits. In short these are:

Lavender: Reduce anxiety and emotional stress * Protect against diabetes symptoms * Improve brain function * Help to heal burns and wounds * Improve sleep * Restore skin complexion and reduce acne * Slow down ageing process with powerful antioxidants * Relieve pain * Relieve Headaches

Lemongrass: Aromatherapy and stress relief * Relaxing sore muscles * Headaches and other types of pain * Insomnia and general restlessness * Anxiety and depression * Skin health and acne * Fungal and bacterial * Insect and flea repellent * Detoxification * Reducing fever * Lowering blood pressure * Reducing inflammation * Toning the nervous system

Rose and Geranium: Hormone balance * Stress relief * Inflammation * Improve Circulation * Reduce Depression * Menopause * Blood pressure reduction * Skin health

I think I’ll have one of each! ???

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Now in stock is the Sun Milk SPF20 and two sun sprays in SPF 30 and a Kids SPF 50. All of them are good for the most sensitive of skin.

And of course all are reef safe! ?????

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Now available is this rather cute Twinkle Little Star Bath Bomb from Unique Creations.

Perfect for everyone in your house, certainly not just the younger ones!

This bath bomb is absolutely gorgeous with a Tropical Sunset fragrance. Sweet, edible smelling fragrance with notes of pear, apple, plum, banana, peach, pineapple, strawberry and raspberry with light floral notes on a musk base.

And I think very good value at £2.50!

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