Green Beauty Round Up January 2020

The full Green Beauty Round Up of all our favourite ethical vegan and clean beauty products for January 2020! Don’t forget if you sign up to our monthly newsletter you will get exclusive discounts for all the products featured in our beauty round up every month!!

Greener Beauty Products of the Week!



I have super sensitive skin, it is one of the things that lead me on the path of clean beauty years ago.

I haven’t used an aluminium based antiperspirant for years. However I also haven’t been able to use a plastic free deodorant as most of them contain bicarbonate of soda, which while safe for most people to use I have an allergic reaction! This is not a common allergy but if you have reacted to a plastic free deodorant I would suspect that you too have this allergy.

One of my goals for 2019 was to find a plastic free natural deodorant that was also bicarb free. It wasn’t an easy goal to fulfil however if you have been following Greener Beauty for a while you will know that a few months back we started retailing the full range of Deodorants by the Natural Deodorant Company.

What is really special about this range is the Gentle range of 4 deodorants; Simple (with no fragrance), Lavender, Tangerine and Vanilla & Manuka (which is the oil from the Manuka plant and obviously not the honey!!). The vanilla and Manuka is my personal favourite, I love the sweet and natural warm fragrance.

And the best thing about the gentle range? I have been using it for months with NO allergic reactions! And the large size (55g) are plastic free in a glass jar. The 20g has a glass jar and a plastic lid.

What is also great about this is that the 20g and 55g jars are currently in the Big January Sale.

(Just make sure you select the GENTLE deodorants if you also have allergies!)

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We have added a new bath bomb from the genius team at Unique Creations. This bath bomb is a 3D unicorn and is ‘Strawberry Jam’ flavour. Here at Greener Beauty HQ it is reminding us of a mix of the sweets Strawberry boot laces, Strawberry Jam and Strawberry Milk shakes, basically it smells delicious!

We had great fun testing this bath bomb, you can find a video on our Facebook page here

They are available now for £2.99 each.

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I literally love these tablets, they are so ingenious and for travelling a space saver too! Plus they don’t count as liquid so can easily go into hand luggage.

Take one of these tablets and pop it in 20ml of water and the tablet will dissolve, you can then use like a normal liquid mouth wash.

This jar contains 180 tablets so if you use one in the morning and one in the evening it is a rather impressive 3 month supply.

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Greener Beauty Brands in the Spotlight!


Your Nature is a British family run business. They make a range of natural deodorants that are not only clean and free of harmful chemicals but also plastic free and better for the planet!

They are one of our best selling deodorants here at Greener Beauty HQ and we regularly hear feedback of how people are so pleased with this deodorant!

The whole range is currently in the Greener Beauty January Sale! Get yours while its still in stock.

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Beauty without cruelty has an amazing story which started just over 60 years ago in 1959.

Set up by a lady called Muriel who had dedicated her life to and was passionate about animal rights. She campaigned in the 50s to the leaders of the beauty industry to stop the use of animal ingredients such as spermaceti from whales and musk from the musk deer among others. Her campaigning sadly failed but as a result she resolved to fix the issue herself and designed and launched a range of makeup that was vegan and cruelty free. Beauty without Cruelty was born!

Over the years the makeup has changed but it still holds true its goal of delivering beauty products intertwining natural elements in their products.

Beauty without cruelty currently has 15% off in our Big January sale

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I personally love supporting vegan brands and I also love knowing a brands story, and the story of Ben and Anna is no exception.

A strict vegan couple who have always paid close attention to what they consumed. They had long been searching for a suitable deodorant for them but could not find it. So they decided to develop their own deodorant which is solely based on ingredients of natural origin. After several attempts and a lot of time and tinkering, they were ready to launch the new deodorant, which they are very proud of. Since the deodorant was launched they have added a plastic free range of toothpastes, toothpowders and mouthwash.

The full range from Ben & Anna currently has 10% off in the sale.

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The range of products from Mr Masey were one of the first brands we started selling when we launched Greener Beauty back in 2018. A Brighton based business launched in 2014, Mr Masey has the most amazing beard I have ever seen and sells an incredible range of products that will help any beard get to a similar epic status. Many bearded friends help test the range before retailing and the responses were so positive! Obviously this is one of the few ranges that the (female) team at Greener Beauty HQ haven’t been able to test personally! 

The whole range of products has been designed and tested by Neil Masey before being available to purchase. Using a rich blend of essential oils and base products that will actually nourish and penetrate the beard hairs making them healthy inside and out! Some beard oils for example just sit on the surface of the hair making them look super shiny but don’t actually do anything to the hair to make it healthier.

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