Five Easy Swaps to make Your Bathroom More Sustainable

Are you looking to make your bathroom a bit more planet friendly? We are here to help! In this blog we have broken down your bathroom into areas where we think you can make easy switches to up your green credentials.

Most of our suggestions in this blog are plastic free, as this is undoubtedly one great way you can lessen your impact on the planet. But ⁠don’t forget there are many other factors to consider when making choices about everything we consume in our day to day lives.

Animal agriculture has a huge environmental impact on our planet so by choosing vegan alternatives you are already making a positive difference in so many ways. All of our products at Greener Beauty are chosen with their sustainability in mind, we look at company ethics, manufacturing processes and packaging and we provide all of this information on our product listings so you can shop with confidence.⁠ We also have a filter that means you can choose to only browse products that are made in the UK or a little further afield, made in Europe. All you have to do is click on our ‘Eco Friendly’ filter and select what you’d like to see! This filter also allows you to highlight plastic free, refillable and palm oil free products.




The toothbrush, a small item that may seem like it is causing no harm but, classically made of plastic, once discarded it can take 400 years or more to degrade! As well as this, many toothbrushes will give off chemicals into the air as they slowly breakdown, causing yet more damage to the environment.

But fear not there are loads of good alternatives available made from much more environmentally friendly materials that still give your teeth that Hollywood shine.

Made of sustainable beech, Georganics replant every tree that is cut down and use any excess material to heat up their factory in Germany.

We know the lack of eco electric toothbrushes has, in the past, prevented people from making the swap. We have been told electric is best and having made the switch, going back to manual just doesn’t seem enough. Which is why we were so thrilled when Georganics bought out their Sonic Eco Toothbrush. It comes with recyclable heads, has a long battery life and comes in plastic-free packaging!


Floss and interdental brushes are traditionally plastic and small. So non biodegradable and often end up in the oceans as they easily get swept up and washed into our water system.

The Humble Co interdental brushes are made with 100% sustainably grown bamboo and provide an easy and practical alternative to flossing.

Alternatively, if floss is your thing, why not try The Humble Co Dental Floss Picks made from corn-starch as their main base and packed in eco-friendly paper bags. Or Georganics charcoal dental floss made from a blend of charcoal fibres and polyester yarn and coated with candelilla wax and peppermint oil. This planet friendly floss comes in a reusable glass flint dispenser, complete with metal cap, as well as in 30 meter refills wrapped in paper.


We have so much choice when it comes to toothpaste that doesn’t involve those traditional plastic tubes that are very difficult to recycle.

If you are looking for a classic paste then both Ben & Anna and Georganics have great options both in glass jars.

But your options don’t stop there. Georganics, the royalty of eco dental products have further options of tooth tablets available in glass jars in peppermint, spearmint, orange and activated charcoal flavours. And Ben & Anna have recently bought out tooth tablets in paper packaging.

If you are looking to try something a bit different, you should also check out Georganics Toothsoap or Toothpowders made by Ben & Anna and Georganics, also both packaged in glass.

Looking for more Inspiration? Check out our plastic free dental shop here



Making the switch to bamboo toilet paper has many benefits. Bamboo is super fast growing and uses much less water than other trees making it a highly sustainable choice. Bamboo toilet paper commonly has far fewer, or no chemicals such as chlorine in it, and it is totally biodegradable.

The Cheeky Panda produce a great range of bamboo based tissue papers. Their toilet rolls are also wrapped in paper cutting out that extra bit of plastic too.

Also included in their eco bathroom range are tissues in recycled cardboard packaging.

Wet wipes commonly cause sewer blockages and end up finding their way into our oceans where they cause damage to marine life. While it is never advisable to flush your wipe, there are some much more eco friendly options than the classic variety, which often contain plastics and also chemicals that will also release into the environment that they end up in.

The Cheeky Panda offer 100% biodegradable bamboo wipes infused with 99% purified water, 1% Aloe Vera and fruit extract. While other biodegradable options are available from Earth Friendly Baby, Simply Gentle and Benecos


Looking for more Inspiration? Check out these fab Brands

The Cheeky Panda | Earth Friendly Baby




The average female will experience her period every 21 to 35 days depending on her cycle. It is said that women will use up to 11,000 disposable, one-time-use menstrual products in their reproductive lifetime. Many period care items are made of, or contain a high percentage of single use plastic, which may take 500 years to degrade and what is worse still, is that a large percentage of women still flush their used products into the toilet!


This is the perfect alternative for women who want to cut back on traditional sanitary products, as they can be reused for many years. Designed to collect menstrual blood rather than absorbing it, the menstrual cup can be used whether your flow is light or heavy. They can be worn from 4-12 hours at a time throughout the day and night, once full simply remove and empty the menstrual blood, give it a clean and reinsert

Organic cotton tampons and sanitary pads contain no harmful materials such as polypropylene and polyethylene, which is not only better for the environment as it will biodegrade, but it is also a much healthier alternative for the user.

Would you like to know more? Check out our plastic free period blog we wrote here.

And the fab brands that offer sustainable period care options here:

Mooncup |Organ(y)c | Fair Squared



We feel quite strongly here at GB HQ about using natural deodorants as appose to antiperspirants which actually block your sweat glands to prevent you from sweating. Something that on the outset sounds super convenient but in reality is actually preventing our bodies from doing what they are naturally designed to do, and not without consequence to our health. This is more about health than sustainability though which is not the primary subject of this blog, but if you are interested in reading more about this topic we wrote a whole blog about it which you can find here!

All of our deodorants are natural, so if you are looking at cutting down on your plastics then we have several options.


Cardboard is a great choice as it is fully recyclable and biodegradable. All you have to do is push the inner tube up from underneath, and you have the stick format that you may be more familiar with when it comes to deodorants. We have a few brands that use this super eco packaging including Scence, Your Nature, Ben & Anna


The other great option, is a less traditional thick cream like consistency in a glass jar as produced by The Natural Deodorant Company. It might take a bit of getting used to but it is super simple. All you have to do is scoop a small amount of product from the pot, soften between your fingertips and then apply to your under arm skin.

If you would you like to know more about the benefits of switching to a natural deodorant you can check out our blog here

Looking for more Inspiration? Check out our plastic free deodorant shop here



Shampoo and conditioner bars were once a bit of a specialist choice and in all honesty they took a little while to get to the point where they were as good as the type in a bottle, but now we are totally spoilt for choice with amazing options!

They may be a little scary at first but again with practice we are certain you will love them. And with no plastic bottles filling up your recycling bin, they make an excellent choice for the more eco conscious among us.

The bigger names creating excellent options in plastic free shampoo bars include Faith in Nature and Friendly Soap. The Friendly Soap conditioner bars even give you an option as using as a liquid conditioner by mixing the bar in a jug with 600ml of boiling water until its fully dissolved and then using as you normally would use the liquid variety.

A smaller brand that we love and is definitely worth a mention is Strawberry Moon who make a combined shampoo and conditioner bar, that not only leaves your hair feeling shiny and soft, but also comes in the most incredible fragrance choices including Banana Custard, Gin and Tonic and Retro Fruit Salad!!

A newer option in plastic free shampoo is the shampoo tablet. Ben & Anna have bought this great choice to the plastic free arena in their usual carefully considered sustainable packaging in the form of a biodegradable paper bag. The tablets are super easy to use, all you have to do is place one tablet in your hand and add a splash of water to activate it. Then you lather the tablet and massage into your hair, rinsing off to finish.

So there we have it five easy swaps to make your bathroom more sustainable! Don’t forget that any and all small swaps can make a huge difference so rather than getting overwhelmed with where you are and where you might like to be, you can always just pick one or two things to focus on and add in more when you feel ready.

If you need any more advice or help with swaps or anything greener beauty related please do get in touch via or our live chat and we will always be more than happy to help!


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