Greener Beauty; Ethical Vegan beauty. Why shop with us.

Greener Beauty is a vegan run ethical beauty business. We only sell vegan products that are cruelty free including parent companies and that are free of harmful chemicals.

As a business we have a very strict policy on animal testing. As ethical vegans we do not buy any products from companies that have animal testing parents. Ever. If any of the brands we sell are sold to an animal testing company, we will simply sell the stock of theirs we hold and stop selling them. No exceptions. Even if it is our favourite lipstick, cleanser or body scrub. If this situation ever occurs we will notify all customers of changes to the particular brands cruelty free status.

Greener Beauty Products and Trees

Greener Beauty plants a tree for every single order placed online. As of 27/06/19 this is a new initiative however we have decided to back date this to since our launch. So if you have previously made one order or two or three or more we have planted a tree for each of these.


If you are spending money with Greener Beauty, first and foremost we want it to feel like its your birthday when your order arrives. We carefully wrap everything so that when you open the package it feels like a gift. If it is actually a gift, we also offer a free gift wrapping service!

We are frequently asked what we use for packaging. We send out all orders in a brown cardboard box (only brown as white is bleached). The contents are then in tissue paper with shredded paper for protection. The shredded paper is made from sustainable sources and is recyclable, biodegradable and home compostable. Everything used in the packaging is 100% recyclable, even down to the brown paper tape.

Ethical Beauty Products

All products sold by Greener Beauty are tested first by Vic and the rest of the team at Greener Beauty. Sometimes lucky family and friends also get to help with the testing. One of our aims is to ensure that all products we sell are effective and a sensory pleasure to use. Vic has super sensitive skin as well, so if the product is good for her delicate skin it will also be good for most people!

As well as being vegan and cruelty free all the products sold by Greener Beauty are clean and free of harmful chemicals. If you would like to read more about the chemicals we avoid please click here.

We aim to have product options for every price point and whether plastic free or not. Vegan, cruelty free and natural products should be attainable for all! If you are looking for something in particular please let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

Vegan Charities

Vic who is the founder of Greener Beauty is a passionate supporter of Hugletts animal sanctuary in Heathfield, East Sussex. Whenever we attend events there is always a charity donation pot for Hugletts for anyone who says ‘Keep the change’. Vic also sponsors a cow Judah and a sheep Yogi at Hugletts, so by supporting Greener Beauty you are helping support these beautiful animals. More information about Hugletts can be found here .

The team at Greener Beauty are passionate vegans and are keen to support vegan charities and outreach groups via the affiliate programs. Through this method we can financially help vegan groups and charities. Contact us for more information if you would like to join the ever-expanding groups of people benefiting from this.

You can also donate to one of our 5 charities at checkout. More information about these charities can be found here.

Free Samples

You can now select what free samples you would like to try! There are plastic free options which are clearly labelled as such. These can be added to your basket from the cart screen. The number of samples you can add to your basket is based on your spend.

  • Spend Under £30 choose 1 free sample.
  • Spend £30 – £50 – choose 2 free samples
  • Spend £50 – £75 – choose 3 free samples
  • Spend £75 – £100 – choose 4 free samples
  • Spend £100+ – choose 5 free samples and get a free Greener Beauty ‘Be-you-tiful’ makeup bag

Plastic Free

Greener Beauty is not currently a plastic free shop. Greener Beauty is about making life easier for vegans without having to check products, brands, cruelty free status, parent companies cruelty free status, ingredients for animal products, ingredients for harmful ingredients, reef safe if suntan lotion etc. And this is exactly what we do, we make it easier for you to shop safely without having to worry or spend too much time googling.

Greener Beauty does offer plastic free options for everything but also more traditional plastic options. Whatever you choose there is an option for you at a budget that works for you.

Pictures taken at Hugletts Wood Farm Animal Sanctuary. All these animals are safe to live out the rest of their lives in freedom surrounded by love.