We have all seen those makeovers online or those before and after pics where eyes go from looking a little dull to really popping and looking bright and vivid. There a few makeup tips to really make that happen and what colours to use does depend on what colour your eyes are. In this blog I will give you colour tips to really make your eyes pop and looking vivid even if you have had a late night!


When sitting down to do your makeup ensure that your skin is clean and moisturised. Having a good skincare regime really can make such a difference to the end result of your makeup.

When applying eyeshadow I think the best tip I can give you is to start light, blend well and apply slowly until you reach your desired look. It is very easy to add more colour and more contrast but it is much harder to remove colour! If you don’t have an eye primer try using a cream concealer.

The other tip is to get the best long lasting look is to use a eye primer first before any eye makeup. Using an eye primer will smooth your eyelids and provide a surface that the eyeshadow will adhere to better without it creasing in your eyelids. Personally when applying eyeshadow I apply primer over my eyelids, up to my eyebrows and a thin layer dabbed on under my eyes. If you use eyeliner under your eyes this can really help to stop it smudging during the day. This can also be a great way to smooth out any sneaky lines that are appearing round your eyes, just make sure you dab it on and don’t rub it in too heavily.

When you have finished applying your eye makeup lightly dust some translucent powder over the top to seal it. Or alternatively use a setting spray. This can really be the difference between your makeup starting to smudge in a few hours or it lasting all night long.

When applying your makeup make sure you are using a different or clean brush for each colour. Use a brush that is appropriate for what you are trying to achieve, if you are trying to create a smoky eye a smaller stiffer brush is better and for all over coverage a softer wider brush is better. If you would like more information about makeup brushes check out our previous blog on finding the ultimate makeup brush for the job at hand. 

Finally if you want a really bold look don’t be afraid to layer your eyeshadow. Add a layer of colour followed by a dusting of translucent powder before another layer of your chosen eyeshadow colour. You can repeat this until you achieve the look you are aiming for and these layers will also help to add longevity to your look.

For most eye colours the best shades to enhance your eyes are using the opposite colour (or two) on the colour wheel, or shades in the same tone on the wheel, however their are exceptions… So lets get onto it with different shades to accentuate your eye colour:


Hazel eyes actually look good with a wide range of colours. The shades that really enhance your eyes are warm autumnal colours like warm browns, greens and gold. To enhance your natural sparkle add a little gold or bronze to the inner and middle of your eye lids.

For a bolder evening look add a touch of plum, purple or soft pink.


Brown eyes have the flexibility of being able to use nearly all the colours on the colour wheel without having to worry about clashing. However as always there are colours that work harder to enhance and balance out the warmth of your warm shades and these are nude shades such as a salmon pink, greens, plum purple and cool blues.

If you want to lift your eyes and make them pop add a metallic eyeshadow such as a silver or violet.


For blue eyes the shades opposite on the colour wheel chart are warm earthy shades. So think nude champagne type bases, oranges, peach tones, gold and bronze which will all make blue eyes pop. For an evening look add a subtle touch of purple which can really enhance the blue of your eyes.

Alternatively if you want to stay away from the earthy shades mentioned above try using a light and dark grey.



Naturally bright Green eyes are a very versatile eye colour in terms of what can be used to make your eyes pop. Green eyes can be enhanced by using the soft shades of shimmery brown, charcoal grey and forest greens. For a bolder look add some shimmery gold or a violet purple.

Alternatively green eyes can look truly mesmerising with some coppers and warm bronze shades.

Of course these are the best shades to make your eyes pop but that doesn’t mean you have to always stick with these ones only. Personally I have blue eyes and wear earthy browns most of the time but for a night out I like to wear a cream base with some shimmery blue for a mermaid smoky look.


Have you thought about using a white or beige eyeliner on the inside lower lid? This can really open up your eye and hide a multitude of sins (especially if you had a late night the night before!). This is one of my favourite tips to instantly make any eye colour look bigger, brighter and whiter!

What eye colour do you have and what shades do you wear? Comment below!


Pin it Enhance your Eyes with Eyeshadow (3)
Pin it Enhance your Eyes with Eyeshadow
Pin it Enhance your Eyes with Eyeshadow (3)

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