Eden Reforestation Projects: From the Fields

This week we have a blog from the team at Eden Reforestation Projects with 3 stories from people in the field, local people who are working for Eden and how it has been a positive impact on their lives.

We have been planting trees with Eden since October 2019 so we thought it would be lovely to see how the planting of these trees is not just helping the environment but also helping local communities.


Nima’s Story in Nepal

Prior to the Covid-10 pandemic Nima Dolma Lama run a busy hotel. Covid forced her business to shut down and she was left wondering how she would survive. She had a small amount of crops in her small family farm but they did not yield a sufficient amount to support her husband, two sons, two daughters in law, grandson and herself. Without any formal education and with gender inequality very prevalent in Nepal, on top of the many businesses that had closed due to Covid there were minimal opportunities for Nima.

However, Nima did not let this get in her way and stop her. She worked to face these obstacles head on which lead her to reaching out to the Eden Reforestation team in Napal. Now she is employed full time at the Mude Nursey. Earning a consistent and fair wage she can now afford to support her family.

“I am grateful to make a living restoring the environment, ” says Nima. “I see our reforestation work in Nepal improving the livelihoods in my community.”


Hassan’s Story in Kenya

Hassan Shaffi Shetai from Lamu, Kenya, grew up witnessing the mass destruction of the mangrove forests along the coast. The trees are harvested for use in charcoal production.

Now working as a team leader and boat captain, Hassan helps to restore the very forests he has watched being cut down. As the mangrove forests are restored, the people who are dependent on the mangroves can continue to earn a living and break the cycle of mangrove deforestation in this region.

“I am grateful for the opportunity Eden has given me to bring people together to restore the mangroves.”


Amélia’s Story in Mozambique

Amélia Alberto Chilengue from Mozambique was a young mother with two small children when her husband was murdered in January 2021, leaving her with no source of income to care for and raise her family.

As a potential solution she started to clean homes but the money she earned was not enough to feed and educate her daughters or pay for their water and electricity. Fortunately, Amélia had a neighbour who works for Eden Reforestation monitoring mangroves at the Chilhale site. This neighbour helped Amélia secure a job as a planter.

Amélia now wakes at 5:00 AM every workday to make breakfast and care for her family, then around 7:00 AM begins her work of carefully planting propagules one meter apart in the thick mud of a mangrove planting site. When she completes her planting for the day, she collects more propagules from mature mangroves, sorts them by species, and prepares for the next round of planting.

From her work with Eden Reforestation, Amélia can care for her daughters and ensure they are educated.

“It makes me proud to leave a legacy for my children,” says Amélia. “As they grow up, they will know that their mother contributed to planting trees to restore the environment.”


I hope you enjoyed these positive stories from people working in the field at Eden Reforestation Projects. If you want further information on the trees that we plant including our current number planted and how many we plant each year please click on the link below for our tree story.

Our Tree Story



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