Easy Halloween Looks

Halloween is the best holiday for a makeup lover. Halloween makeup can be fun and creative, but it doesn’t have to take all day. These easy Halloween makeup looks are perfect for last minute costume ideas!

With all of these looks, I would advise using a good facial exfoliator a few hours before your application to give you the smoothest skin, this will also give you the best effect. Don’t forget to use a light day moisturiser after exfoliating.

Finally be sure to use a decent primer before applying the makeup to ensure the longevity of your look but also to smooth out your skin and protect it if you are using any heavy face paints.


You’ll need:

Use a foundation or concealer to cover up any blemishes and even out your skin tone. This step isn’t necessary if you’re wearing a face paint that covers everything, but it’s still a good idea if you want to make sure there aren’t any noticeable flaws on your face.

Start by applying a white to your entire face, including your eyelids. You can either do this with a face paint or alternatively a white eyeshadow will have the same effect.

Fill in your eye sockets with black eye shadow and eyeliner pencil.

Line lips with a black pencil and draw out the shape of your teeth on your lips. Fill your teeth with either white face paint of use a powered eyeshadow mixed with water.

Instead of contouring with your usual shades, use black as your contour lines and white as your highlight.

This is a simple look that can be done reasonably quickly without too much perfection needed.


Stitch up Your Mouth

To create this stitched up mouth look, you’ll need:

Apply your lipstick as you normally would (or create a much smaller lip line like in the photo for a more dramatic look).

Then using the eyeliner draw a straight line from the corners of your mouth in a curved line in the direction of the middle of your ear. Once you are happy with the line and have replicated it on the other side add the cross stitches.

Personally I think this look is best when it is not too even and perfect as it gives it a more creepy feel.

Morticia Addams

To look like a Morticia Addams, all you need is:

After applying primer apply either a white eyeshadow all over or a white face paint to give you a pale look. Apply bold contouring. If you are blessed to not have too many wrinkles apply bold highlighter under your eyes, on your nose, forehead and chin. (please note that if you have any wrinkles applying highlighter will just draw attention to them).


Apply a smokey look. In the picture we used a mix of reds and purples to create the smokey effect, however a more traditional white, greys and blacks would work just as well. Apply liquid eyeliner with wings and a smokey pencil eyeliner under your eyes.

Apply a bold red lipstick, ideally with a black lipliner and some gloss to make it really pop.


Dressing up as a pumpkin is a fun and easy to achieve costume. Pair some dramatic makeup with an orange outfit and you are good to go!

You’ll need:


Apply orange makeup all over your face, whether you go for a face paint or an eyeshadow, keep it light for now.

Apply your pumpkin look using black eyeliner. Create a cut out look around your mouth, eyes and eye brows. Go for a traditional pumpkin look with triangles or something a bit more creative like pictured.

Once you have added the black, use more of the orange face paint or eyeshadow to shade round the black shapes.

Finish with some bio-glitter to give it a little sparkle.

Always a Treat!

We’ve gathered up some of the most popular Halloween makeup looks in one place, so you can try and recreate them at home. Even if you’re a beginner, these are simple looks to do and don’t require any professional training!

  • A small amount of practice is needed before trying these out on your own—but once you get the hang of them, they’re really easy to do.
  • All of these require a little bit of practice before trying them out on yourself or your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! These are some of my favourite Halloween makeup looks. They can be worn again throughout the year, so don’t throw away your supplies. They are also very easy to do and look great on anyone who wants to try something different on their face for a night out or even just during the day!


Pin it Easy Halloween Looks - Vegan & Cruelty Free
Pin it Easy Halloween Looks - Vegan & Cruelty Free
Pin it Easy Halloween Looks - Vegan & Cruelty Free

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