An Interview with Mr. Masey

I met Mr Masey years ago before Greener Beauty was even an idea! I know him really through the vegan scene in Brighton, which is much smaller than anyone would imagine. We sat next to each other at the Moshimo great vegan challenge (where local restaurants put forward a vegan dish each and you get to rate them) its so much fun! At the time I was running my beauty room and I knew his sister, see small world Brighton! Sitting next to each other at the conveyor belt we started talking business and between us we developed a facial for bearded men using his products which went down very well with my male clients. So when the idea for Greener Beauty was born it was a no brainer that his incredible range of products would be one of the first brands we stocked and they have been since day one.

Mr Masey is such a lovely and interesting guy it is such a pleasure to introduce this interview with him!

Tell us about why you started Mr Masey’s Emporium

In 2014 I decided I didn’t want to pay so much for my moustache wax, so I set about making my own. After a few attempts I settled on a formula, made six of them and posted my success on Facebook. A local gift shop asked if I would make some for them, so I made a dozen of them, along with 12 beard oils and some shaving oil. The shop tried them and quickly sold out, I set up a stall in Brighton Open Market, sold six products on my first day and in 2018 we made and sold 13,500 products!

What does an average day running Mr Masey’s Emporium look like

I get to the workshops and office at 7 am, preparing the day for our team to make and sell products. My main role nowadays is to inch the business ever forward! That could be anything from visiting new stockists, managing the budget and targets, searching out better suppliers, finding new selling platforms or devising new products. Anything that will add value to the business.

Tell us about your beard/ skincare routine

I have dry skin and like most men, a dry beard. I use Mr Masey’s facewash for dry skin in the morning; followed by a light moisturiser (we are currently developing our own). My beard is washed and conditioned every other day and I use our Imperial Beard Balm to style and sculpt it.

If you could visit one place on Earth where would you go?

I want to revisit Istanbul and I would like to travel the vintage steam train to the Himalayas. But wherever I go, I like to be in the more earthy, down at heal areas because you get a real essence of what local life is like.

What do you do in your spare time?

I’m lead tenor in a gospel and soul choir, I’m a dealer in vintage 1960s Matchbox Toys cars, I write about toy car collecting (my book is being published this year), I am a percussionist (have congas, will travel!) and I am currently learning steel pans

Favourite Food?

Food from the Pakistan region; Kofte, Keema and lots of paratha! Pakistani food can easily be made vegan and is excellent with meat substitutes if that’s your thing?

If you could choose three dream dinner dates who would they be?

Julia Davis (Nighty Night), Stephen Fry, Benjamin Zephaniah

What always brings a smile to your face?

Cats. Wherever you are in the world, there’s always a cat to love.

If you were a superhero what powers would you have

The power of persuasion (imaging all the bigots you could transform!)

Tell me about your proudest achievement

Against all the odds, finding and marrying the love of my life (and producing two lovely cats!)

What are your goals for Mr Masey’s Emporium?

Ultimately, I would like the brand distributed all around the UK, Europe and farther afield. Currently we are in 48 stores in the UK and 38 abroad – there’s a lot yet to do!

You can find the full range of Mr Masey’s Beard emporium by clicking here