A Greener Black Friday

Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year! While this might be thought as traditionally good for an online retailer, but as you know here at Greener Beauty we really do care. We care about the animals and we care about the Planet and for that reason traditional Black Friday sales just don’t sit that well with us and they never have. This is why for the 4th year in a row we are focusing on a greener black Friday.

Black Friday encourages mass consumerism not sustainable consumption. Year on year we see the worst and most wasteful behaviours come out amongst humankind. Smartphones, TVs and laptops are some of the most bought items on Black Friday and often these items are bought purely based on their bargain factor rather than need.

This in turn means disposal of more products and therefore more items in landfill, which is a consequence that lasts for centuries. It has also been estimated that in the UK alone, 82,000 diesel vans and trucks will head out on UK roads due to increased shopping habits which inevitably causes causes increased air pollution.

In addition to this there is also the question as to whether a black Friday deal is really a deal at all. We have heard of businesses putting up their prices just to reduce them at black Friday, hardly ethical behaviour!

On the flip we realise that times have been really tough for lots of people this year and this is why for the last six months we have been reducing the products that you love by as much as we can to help you out every day, rather than just over one weekend.

With Christmas just around the corner we realise that we all need to shop.  We are not suggesting we shouldn’t be shopping at all, just that we all shop responsibly by buying more planet friendly items, thoughtfully, from ethical retailers.

We absolutely feel we fit this criteria but we want to give back even more this Black Friday weekend. Following the success of previous years Greener Friday weekend we will be running something similar this year, this time with even more charitable benefits.

In an effort to offset some of the environmental impact of the weekend, we will plant TEN trees per order instead of the normal one, via our partners at the Eden Reforestation Project.

We also currently have discounts on UpCircle, Tisserand, Sukin and many more! See our sale section for our NON black Friday reductions.


Pin it A Greener Friday
Pin it A Greener Friday
Pin it A Greener Friday

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