A Green and Blue Black Friday

Black Friday is by far the busiest shopping day of the year! As a online retailer it may be perceived that this is good for us. Well yes of course in principal, but as you know here at Greener Beauty we really do care. We care about the animals and we care about the Planet and for that reason traditional Black Friday sales just don’t sit that well with us.

Black Friday encourages mass consumerism not sustainable consumption. Year on year we see the worst and most wasteful behaviours come out amongst humankind and that has consequences. Smartphones, TVs and laptops are some of the most bought items on Black Friday and often these items are bought purely based on their bargain factor rather than need. This in turn means disposal of more products and therefore more items in landfill, which is a consequence that lasts for centauries.  It has also been estimated that in the UK alone, 82,000 diesel vans and trucks will head out on UK roads due to increased shopping habits which inevitably causes causes increased air pollution.

But of course with Christmas around the corner we are not suggesting that we shouldn’t be shopping at all, just that we all shop responsibly by buying more planet friendly items, thoughtfully, from ethical retailers.

We absolutely feel we fit this criteria but we want to give back even more this Black Friday weekend. Following the success of the last two years of Greener Friday weekend we will be running something similar this year, this time with even more charitable benefits.


What we are doing this year! 

For every order placed over the weekend from black Friday (Nov 26) to Cyber Monday (Nov 29) we will be upping our usual planting of one tree per order to 10 trees per order for orders over £30.

Donating 20% of profits

If you read our newsletter this month you may have spotted an article that we shared about how the Ocean Cleanup have had a successful run removing plastic from the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. You may know but I LOVE the oceans and as a diver and self confessed mermaid I have spent many years trying to protect and save the Oceans. I have been totally moved by what the team at The Ocean Cleanup have been achieving and have therefore decided that this year we will be donating 10% of profits over this weekend to this amazing team.

We are also donating 10% of profits to the amazing UK charity, Animal Justice Project who are working tirelessly to save animals. There main focus is anti vivisection work and targeting industry leaders who represent the cast majority of animal abuse. Who else loves the idea that buying some cruelty free products with us this weekend helps to save animals stuck in a lab somewhere.


Eden Reforestation

We have worked with Eden Reforestation for a number of years now. Eden work to plant trees all around the world wherever they are most needed. They employ local people so not only are they planting trees but they are also providing much needed employment. You can read more about this amazing charity here

Eden Reforestation

10 Trees planted for every order over £30


The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit organisation that is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic. Their aim is to put themselves out of business once the oceans are clean. They have just had a successful proof of concept starting to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Read more here: https://theoceancleanup.com/

10% off profits donated to the Ocean Cleanup


Animal Justice Project

The work that Animal Justice Project does against vivisection work highlights the cruel and needless torturing of animals in laboratories and shines a light on the 50% of animal experiments which take place at British universities.

Read more here:


10% off profits donated to the Animal Justice Project

Main header photo and photo next to the Ocean Cleanup courtesy of The Ocean Cleanup.


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