8 Tips for Stronger Nails

We have all been there where our nails feel weak and break more frequently. However don’t worry there are minor lifestyle and habits changes that you can make that will help strengthen your nails.

Here are our top 8 tips for helping you have stronger nails less likely to break long term:

Nutrition & Nutrients 

Eating a well balanced diet as well as increasing your biotin intake is the best way to strengthen your nails.

On a plant based diet the best foods you can eat for strong healthy nails are nuts, seeds, spinach and sweet potatoes.

When necessary add a supplement to your diet to boost your nutrient intake, however this should never replace a healthy diet.

Make sure you are drinking enough water.

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Be aware of what products & ingredients you are using

Over the years there has been a lot of publicity about using a nail polish remover with ingredients such as acetone that can damage and weaken the nails. Acetone should really only be used to remove gel nail polish. If wearing normal nail polish please use an acetone free polish remover, your nails will thank you for it! Please note if you are a fan of gel nail polishes an acetone free nail polish remover will not work for you.

When painting your nails use a nontoxic nail polish as these will also be gentler on your nails. Alternatively use a breathable nail polish like the Orly range that allows air and water to permeate the nail polish and reach your nails keeping them moisturised and hydrated.

If using a hand sanitiser do your best to not get it on your nails, as the alcohol will dry out your nails and lead to them getting brittle.

When it comes to shampoo, please note that if you are using one to dry your hair out (specifically for those with oily hair), this shampoo can also dry your nails out making them weak and brittle. If you are using a shampoo for oily hair try swapping it out for a different type and see if this makes a difference to your nails.

Dont use your nails as a tool! 

As much as it might be tempting to use your nails to open that parcel that’s just arrived. Go and get a pair of scissors!

Similarly when opening a can of drink use your fingers rather than nails, and if you struggle use a knife.

Using your nails as a tool can lead to breaking and chipping which will weaken your nails.

Avoid acrylics and gels if you can

While it can be tempting to wear acrylics and gel nail polishes all the time they can cause your nail to peel which weakens the nails. If you can’t avoid them make sure you have a break between applications and use lots of oil to keep your nails moisturised and prevent them going brittle and breaking.


Let Your Nails Breathe

If you notice that your nails are starting to get dry or brittle or are breaking a lot it might be time to give them a little break. Give your nails a week off from nail polish and acrylics and give your nails lots of lovely oil and creams.

When you leave your nail polish on for too long it can lead to keratin granulation and nail discoloration.

Manicure Steps

When giving yourself a manicure there are steps you can take to make your nails stronger. If you are getting a manicure done professionally speak to your therapist about these steps and see what they can offer to help strengthen your nails.

Use a nail strengthener frequently to strengthen your nails and provide much needed nutrients.

Apply a strengthening base coat before applying any colour. This will not only give you the best possible base for your nail polish but also protect and strengthen your nails.

Keep your nails short and rounded to reduce chance of breakages. While it can be tempting to grow nails really long keeping them shorter can keep them from snagging and tearing. Keeping them rounded will also reduce the chances of breakages. Its best to cut nails when they are soft such as after a bath, alternatively soak them for a few minutes before cutting.

When filing your nails make sure you only file in one direction from the outside to the middle. Never use a sawing method as this can cause your nails to be more suspectable to breaking. Also pay attention to the nail file that you are using, a glass or crystal nail file is best or alternatively use an emery board with a low grit.

Apply lotion frequently to keep your nails and hands moisturised.

Protect your nails

When doing the washing up or cleaning pop on a pair of gloves to protect your nails. And even when swimming your nails can get damaged by all the water, if your nails get really brittle while swimming pop on a pair of gloves to minimise damage then too.

Avoid biting, picking or peeling your nails

As much as it can be tempting to bite or pick at rough nails or cuticles. Keep a good crystal or glass nail file with you and use when you notice damage before you start picking and pulling at your nails.

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