5 Tips to Reduce Waste this Christmas

A lot has happened this year and many of us are becoming more aware of our consumption and the trail of waste it leaves behind. Christmas is a time where indulgence has become part of the tradition. It feels good to be showered with gifts but not when they have a negative impact on the environment, so this post is all about how you can give without a guilty conscience. Follow these 5 Tips to Reduce Waste this Christmas and we can all enjoy a more sustainable Christmas!



Sometimes the best part of a present is just unwrapping the gift itself. Here are some sustainable options:


Why not give newspaper another use before it goes in the recycling?

Brown paper

Totally recyclable (unlike traditional wrapping paper) and really easy to make pretty by adding extra paper embellishes such as multi use rubber stamps, cut outs from old cards or your kids’ artwork. You can even add some springs of foliage or dried flowers for a really unique natural look.


The perfect reusable option. Got any spare clothes lying around that you don’t won’t anymore? Found some spare material in a charity shop? Fabric can be used for so many different things after, like a dish cloth! We have good news; Greener Beauty are offering a fabric gift wrapping service this Christmas which you can find here. The perfect way to wrap your cruelty free present!


Now this really needs to be said. No one wants or needs nail clippers, bottle openers or a ridiculously small set of cards every single year. All we need is the hat, a bad joke and options for charades. Have a search on the web there’s plenty of plastic free options.


Let’s start asking what people really need for Christmas. This not only gets rid of the risk of someone not liking their present, but it also means they have a use for it.

Creating a wish list is a great way to let people know what you’d like to receive, you can build your very own wish list of clean, vegan beauty products on Greener Beauty’s website really easily and then share it with your friends and family.

If you want to buy meaningful, planet friendly gifts for your friends and family then consider a new innovative and sustainable gift that they may have not seen before; think reusable straws and plastic free tooth brushing kits. We at Dearest Fannie have created the perfect guilt-free gift for the environmentally conscious beauty lover; Our Ditsy Cloth is a reusable makeup remover that can be used again and again. To remove makeup, simply add warm water and wipe away. You can use your Ditsy Cloth as many times as you like before placing it into a washing machine with all your other clothes.


We understand Christmas is a very busy time for all, there are presents to wrap, work to be done and socialising to look forward to. Food is one section of your Christmas that can add to our carbon footprint as well as producing a lot of waste. Rather than buying pre-packaged, prepared ingredients consider buying seasonal and locally grown. Grab a friend or family member to help out and peel and chop all our own veg so there’s no need for any plastic packaging. There are a lot of amazing vegan goodies, sweet and savoury that will come in plastic but let’s do our best to take what we need and make the rest ourselves!


Let’s make a pledge to not buy anymore cards wrapped in plastic. Many shops are removing this plastic but there is still some way to go. Why not try and find a card made from recycled paper? There are plenty sold at Charity shops, where your money will go to charities in need. Greener Beauty have a great selection of cards made by vegan ethical businesses, all made from recycled card and using plant based vegan inks. The 1 Tree cards range plant a tree for every card bought and when you add that to the fact that Greener Beauty also plant a tree for every order you really can’t go wrong!

Well that rounds up my 5 top tips to reduce waste at Christmas. If you have any more tips write them in the comments. Let’s all enjoy a more conscious Christmas.



Dearest Fannie is a business built by two sisters based on the question; Why can’t sustainability be fashion?

Wet wipes and makeup removers may be convenient but they wreak absolute havoc on the environment.  This is because most wet wipes and makeup removers aren’t biodegradable or recyclable.  As part of the UKs 25 year environmental plan, the government has pledged to eliminate all avoidable plastic waste, including single use products. We want to provide you with a solution.

Dearest Fannie are offering a sustainable alternative that can be reused over and over again.  It is also hypoallergenic, reusable and recyclable.  Just add water and your makeup will simply wipe away.

You can find our full range of Dearest Fannie products here

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